View of My Walk

Walking is how I get some exercise (not my favorite activity). Of course the conditions must be right: not too cold, not wet, prefer low wind. I am a fair weather walker. I should be grateful because my walk has given me many slices this past year. I wonder if there are any more slices left, then I walk and discover something to write about. Before I walk out the door I have my phone, a small notebook with a pen, and sometimes my camera. My pockets are bulging as I make my way down the road.

Step after step, my eyes are checking to see what has changed from the last time I walked (which may have been yesterday). The road stretches before me, the journey just beginning. I avoid looking down the road, it appears endless. Sigh . . . I continue on.

Finally I reach the end, where I turn right to continue the walk. The landscape changes slightly. There are more trees and other plant life. This is the road where I discovered the bones. “Will there be another discovery today?” is the thought that echos through my mind as I trudge down the road.

The discovery of the day is not bones, but a new living creature. Bok, bok, chuk is a new sound I hear today. The house at the corner now has chickens. Glad they are not my neighbors!

What will I discover the next time? You will be the first to know.