Blogging on the Road

Christmas was spent with family in California. It was a wonderful week being a part of my son’s and his family’s busy life. But once again reality creeps back into life and we must head for home where life isn’t quite so enchanting. Work and chores await us and they can’t be ignored.

Once again, we rise long before the sun to get a jump on the many miles that face us. But before leaving, I quickly posted my slice of life, after all it is Tuesday. Last year I described this time of day (you can refresh your memory here). Today we sailed through the multitude of stoplights, not a red light to be seen. That was a first!

I settled back into my seat, with comforter over me and seat warmer on high to try to doze through this urban drive. I guess I succeeded, because I was surprised to learn that we were already in Barstow. With gas in the tank and coffee in hand, we were back on the road ready to head across the desert. The miles stretching endlessly before me, what to do? A quick check of email on my phone reveals a comment from my slice. Yeah!

Can I actually read SOL and comment as we drive? I have never tried this from my phone, but it should work and I have nothing but time. So I begin the process of accessing TWT, clicking on comments, reading slices, and commenting. I won’t say it was quick. I won’t say there weren’t frustrating moments (especially when trying to put in the odd word for the spam detector). But I will say, I was in awe of the technology that allowed me to do this. How amazing is it to be driving across the country and be able to read blogs posted from as far away as Estonia and other points of the world?

So here’s how my fourteen hours in the car were spent. I would read blogs and comment for a while. Then I would read a professional book. Check email looking for comments. Read a few more blogs, adding comments. Play solitaire,  Word Warp, or Angry Birds on the iPad. Read The Secret Garden on the iPad. Back to the phone for SOL, plus throw in a little texting. I don’t think I ever used my phone to actually talk to someone all day long. I did have to drive for several hours while my husband napped. But as soon as he was back in the driver’s seat, I continued to entertain myself with reading books, phone, or iPad. What a change in the world! The days of looking out the window for endless hours are gone. I don’t know if that makes me happy or just a little bit sad. Hmmmm . . .

13 thoughts on “Blogging on the Road

  1. Your post had me imagining a little green ball that is you in your car moving along the line of the map on an iphone and little letters and maybe some angry birds flying from it. A sort of “here’s your mail” moment!

  2. Your post created a sense of traveling with you, movie style. So glad you posted. We just returned from Florida and I couldn’t believe the technology we had going the 23 hours of travel. I agree with Tam, I appreciate the way you wrap up your writing with something to think about.

  3. grade4wizard says:

    When I think of the technology development it boggles my mind that people have been so smart to come up with all of this. I appreciate that you took the time to read and comment.

  4. Things really have changed! I just read the slice from Mommy K about her road trip too, & she mentioned the movies for the kids & some of the lack of the old games we used to play. I have loved my IPad in the car, but still cling to NPR more than anything to help pass the time, while looking out the window. You created a nice picture with your warm seat & comforter & then the phone!

  5. TGH says:

    LC, YOu are a funny little bird! I love that you catch up your reading so you can inform me of my next professional read! I also love getting you location by text…my favorite thing about your travels is the fact I can still wake you up early in the am! Gotta love the time difference friend! Here’s to many more hours of car ipad fun, texting and those early calls!

  6. A great visual of you doing everything on your phone but talking! It really is neat how mobile tech allows us to connect around the world from anywhere. How great that you were able to participate in this Tuesday’s slices from your car!

  7. the other ruth says:

    Love this post–and your mobile commenting, reading, texting, and just plain old looking out the window. I know exactly what you mean in that last bit of your post, but am glad you did what you did so we could all read about it. 🙂

  8. Your post almost makes me long for a reason to drive across a desert! What a lovely way to pass the time. The only time that technology makes me crazy is when my husband uses it (intentionally or otherwise) as a wall between him and the people he is with in the moment. I don’t think the days of staring out the window are gone, but now when we do it, it is by choice, not because it is our only option!

  9. I just have this picture of you, Elsie, wrapped in a warm blanket, all toasty and cozy, zipping through the desert with ipad in one and and iphone in the other – in touch with the wide world. Very cool!

  10. Elsie–I’m jealous that you can read in the car! My life would be so much better if I could. Unfortunately, I am one of those who gets carsick when I read, so I would have had to endure the 14 hour drive with none of the diversions…

  11. Elsie,
    I love how SmartPhones have changed the way we connect with others. Sometimes it is overwhelming and other times it is just plain cool. 🙂

    I’m humbled that the SOLS community means enough to you that you continued to comment from inside your vehicle.

    Thanks for sharing this glimpse,

  12. Elsie, I come across moments like these, too–high tech vs. good old down time. I read in the dark in the car now with my Kindle–great! No matter how you read it, reading saves us more ways than one. I like the way you ended your piece–you gave me that down time. You always leave us with something to think about. Thanks.

  13. Annie Campbell says:

    I share those mixed feeling about technology and think about it a lot. But if technology can be a looking glass that you can step through and end up in The Secret Garden (even when you are in a desert), THAT is a plus!

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