It was raining. My hood was up on my coat as I dashed to the car dodging the chilly raindrops. As quickly as possible I got into the car. Tools for my work today, clipboard and book, tossed into the passenger seat. Grab the phone, hit the button to call my husband. Bluetooth is dialing as I settled into my seat putting on my seat belt. He answered ready to chat with me as I drive to the school I am working in today. This is the morning routine we have followed when I work out of town for the past four years.

However, the routine changed as I am backing out of the parking place. CRUNCH! My heart stopped as I looked through the rear window. Red tail lights met my eyes. Oh, what has happened? I gasped, my husband said, “What’s the matter?”

“I’ll call you back, I think I backed into a truck.” I grabbed an umbrella and jumped out of the car. Oh no, my bumper is dented and a little bit on the trunk lid. The truck had no sign of my attack on it. The driver got out and said, “I saw you backing and hoped you saw me.”

“No, I didn’t see you.  I am so sorry.” (He was not in a parking place. He was perpendicular to parked cars.) He shrugged and said it’s okay. Then he got back into his truck and drove away. With a sick stomach I had to call my husband to tell him what has happened. I am so mad at myself, 110,000 miles with no incidents, now this. 😦

A moment can change the course of a day, or even a life. No one was hurt and the damage was not catastrophic, but it does make me look a bit more carefully every time I start to back up.

14 thoughts on “Crunch

  1. If there had to be a bad crunch, it seems it was under the best of circumstances. I am so glad the other driver treated you well. It really sounds like you were hardest on yourself. I completely believe that everything happens for a reason–so I think this is your nudge to be alert and avoid something more serious. It is certainly not your nudge to be hard on yourself, that’s for sure!

  2. As everyone has said, the most important thing is that both of you were okay. I can see why you’d be shaken up, though, here you are doing the same thing you do every day and…. Put it behind you and here’s to a safe and happy New Year, Elsie

  3. I know the feeling. Where, how did we learn to be so sensitive? Some people would just shrug it off. Are writers more sensitive to life? They must be or we wouldn’t/couldn’t find things to write about. Be careful and a multitude of more safe miles!!!

  4. So sorry, Elsie. What a mishap to happen, & I realize we are so hard on ourselves when things like this happen. Too many “if only’s”! I too am very glad you’re okay & it was minor. I also think the man could have honked!

  5. Glad no more happened than a dented fender and trunk! I always stop at the end of my driveway because I’m at the top of the hill and I can’t see if someone is coming up it. I’ve had many close calls, but thankfully, no accidents!

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