My Homework Assignment

A long white envelope arrived address to Grandma and Grampa. It was thicker than previous envelopes received, so I was curious as I slit it open. This was several weeks after Halloween, so I thought perhaps it was a thank you for the box of goodies that had been sent for the holiday. But no, it was not a thank you. It was an assignment, for me, due by January.

Flat Stanley came tumbling out of the envelope full of questions about where he landed. He informed me that he wanted to go and see all the sites of our town and learn about the historical, geographical, and climate features of this part of the world. Plus, he insisted that I include a recipe to be included in a class cookbook. Sigh . . . you will just have to wait Stanley. I don’t have time right now to take you on a whirlwind journey of our town. But I promise we will do this before Christmas. So he sat patiently on the desk waiting for his turn.

Last week it was his turn to see some sites. We went to Bass Pro Shops where he was nearly mauled by a grizzly bear. Next, we headed over to a chocolate factory. MMMM that smelled really good! He got a close look at how they  make chocolate hazelnut spread. It was hard to get him out of there. Then we took a ride down Route 66 and stopped at a civil war battlefield. Finally, he got a look at the ball field where a farm team for the St. Louis Cardinals play.

The leg work of the assignment was completed, now for the report. Sigh .  .  .  pictures to download, copy, paste, crop, with a narrative explaining each. (Personally I am thankful for Wikipedia for a quick check of facts.) Check, another portion of the assignment is complete.

Last of all, a recipe, hmmmmm . . . wonder what kind of recipe they want? No details were given, so I guess it’s my choice. Do I have one already on the computer, so all I have to do is print? Yup, sure do. Check that off the assignment list.

At long last my assignment is complete! The final task will be to deliver this to the granddaughter during Christmas break (I may even include a jar of that chocolate hazelnut spread). I am putting it into the suitcase as soon as I finish this. Do you think the teacher will accept, “My grandma forget my homework?” Somehow I doubt it.


12 thoughts on “My Homework Assignment

  1. I love Flat Stanley! And you gave him such a good tour too. Long ago (before 9/11) we did goobers with our kiddos. We would sew a fannypack onto the bear’s back holding information and a logbook. The bears were passed from traveler to traveler and we would get postcards from a bear on his travels. One made it home – twenty people had written in the log! Another sent us a postcard from Germany!

  2. Love this, Elsie! What a great homework to share with your granddaughter. She will have so much fun sharing it with her class. I agree with Christy. She is such a lucky little girl. I so look forward to being a grandma someday. 🙂

  3. as for how young I thought, I’m not exactly sure…maybe late 30’s? hehe. a compliment to your energy and enthusiasm, I guess, and also a demonstration of my own bias, in that I tend to think people are closer to my age than they really are! Now that I know better, I guess you must be like my parents, who are very energetic and fun and seem much younger than the late 50’s that they are. Anyway, nice to know you better! 🙂

  4. You’re a grandma?! I was picturing you waaaaay younger from your other posts that I’ve read! What a surprise! Thanks for your entertaining description of your “homework” — it was a nice illustration of how much work Flat Stanley is for the people he visits! 🙂

  5. Oh, the flat stanley assignments have continued! I like that you did such a nice intro up to the actual tour: “A long white envelope…” I did one a few years ago for a friend’s grandchild in Boston. What fun, but I do see it’s not exactly good timing right now. I love your photos, and imagine you have many more. The Bass Pro shop is a winner for sure. Stanley sure has toured the world!

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