Fun Times with the Girls

Four weeks ago, the date, time, and location was set for the girlfriends’ Christmas outing/party. Something to look forward to because it is an evening filled with good food, laughter, friendship, and best of all presents! The early weather forecast for our evening of fun was predicting snow/sleet, but fortunately that did not come through. It was cold (dare I say frigid?) but no precipitation interfered with our merriment.

I am the first to arrive to the restaurant. (side note: we are trying out a place none of us have ever been to, it’s a pizza place. What’s not to love about trying a new pizza place?) There is not a customer in this place. The sign says wait to be seated. I ask (being a smart aleck), “Are you sure you can find a spot for me?”

The waiter laughs, “We’ll do our best to squeeze you in.” Followed by, “Choose your seat, sit where ever you want.” I choose the table for six (so there is room for the presents, as I am carrying a big bag with three gifts and I know the others will have similar bags) as far away from the doors as possible.

The others are running late, so I have time to chat with the waiter (Nate) about the various aspects of their style of pizza and beverages that are available. I study the menu and know what my choices will be when we have all gathered.

Time passes, still I sit waiting and talking to Nate. Finally, I call Janay, “How far away are you?” I ask.

“Just pulling into the lot, I thought you were going to be late. We’ve just been driving around killing time,” she replies.

“Well, I was able to make it on time, and I’ve been sitting here waiting. I hope you will be able to find me.”

“Just jump up and down and wave.” (Remember this restaurant is EMPTY!) She walks in with Sister (no she is not a nun, but that would be another story). I am jumping up and down, waving my arms high above my head calling “Over here!” Of course she pretends she can’t find me, but finally makes her way to the table. They sit down and begin to peruse the menu, but first the beverage must be ordered. A pitcher is ordered, so all is right in the world.

We are waiting for the final member of our party when my phone rings and she says, “We are meeting in Quincy Magoos, right? Because that’s where I am.”

“Wrong, we are next door in Minsky’s.”

“Oh, be there in a minute,” she replies. As she walks in all three of us jump up, waving our arms so she can find us. (Restaurant is still empty, so we are not disturbing other diners.)

“It’s sure a lot busier next door,” she informs us.

Nate comes over, answers questions regarding menu and drink options. The order is placed without incident. (BTW someone else did come in for dinner.)

Salads are great! Fresh lettuce (no bag stuff) and veggies with dressing made at the restaurant. Pizza arrives shortly after the salads have been consumed. It’s a  just  right dinner for this night. Table is cleared and we are ready to get to the good stuff, presents!

The last one to arrive is first to hand out presents. We all have some of the same items from her, so we are to work our way through the gift bag together. The item on top is a fascinator (do you remember the head wear the cousin princesses wore to Kate and William’s wedding?). Janay and I have an incredibly sparkly martini glass affixed feathers and netting. Sister has a crushed beer can instead (beer is important). These are immediately donned and  there is even an extra one for the gift giver.

Stylish, don't you think?

The rest of the gifts from all were just what we needed. I now have an amaryllis plant (never had one before, but always wanted to try it), a handmade necklace, cool vase, homemade body lotion, hand-knitted fingerless gloves (love them! They keep my hands warm but yet allow me to type), several pairs of socks (all have a martini glass on them in some fashion, do you see a theme here?),  a bottle of champagne (it’s being chilled), and a pocket posh word power book (you may note my vocabulary may increase in future posts).

Nate has been summoned to take a group picture. Gifts are gathered, hugs all around, as we prepare to head for home.

As we leave the restaurant, the manager thanks us for entertaining them this evening. Good times, with good friends, what else is there to say?