Which Day?

Do you know my favorite day of the week?

It could be Friday. I especially love Friday evenings. The feeling that time stands still. The work week is over and the weekend stretches ahead of me. Ahhhhh . . . but no, it’s not Friday.

It could be Saturday. No alarm clocks going off, I can roll over and sleep a bit longer. The day is mine to mold and shape. I might not even have to cook dinner, but nope it’s not Saturday either.

You, yes, you who are reading this should be able to guess my favorite day. You are a part of this day. You make this day because you read my words. You make comments that make me smile and allow me to be a writer for a day. Clicking on Check Mail, every chance I get. Is there a new message that says “comment-reply@word. . .”? Oh goody, there are two! Check again, there’s another, and the cycle continues all day long. Days later another comment may appear and my heart races again to find out what someone thinks. When I am in schools working, I can only check during lunch and it is the first thing I do as I walk to the car leaving school.

I get to peek inside your life and mind by reading your words. I love learning about what is happening in your part of the world and I do mean around the world. That is amazing to think we can be connected across oceans, mountains, and the great plains. I miss your voice when it is silent. I know that you might need a break, but just know that there is someone out here in the cyber-world wondering what you are up to and why didn’t you share today?

So by now you know that my favorite day is  . . . drum roll . . . TUESDAYS! I never dreamed that this would become a constant in my life. Even when I don’t have anything to say, I say something and you talk to me. Thank you for all your comments and letting me view your life at least once a week.

See you next week?