The Season Begins

Is it just me or has the Christmas season started earlier than ever? I love Christmas, but it should start after Thanksgiving. It should not be evident before Halloween. However, the world did not ask me (can’t imagine why).

There is one place where I can accept Christmas prior to Thanksgiving. That would be at a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert. In August I got tickets as soon as they went on sale. This would be the fifth Christmas concert for us. I couldn’t wait! I L-O-V-E the music!

Walking from the parking garage to the arena you can see the excitement in the steps of the concert-goers. Next to the arena nine huge Prevost motor homes idle plus there were several semis parked in the loading bay. I walk just a bit quicker, as if my quick steps will start the concert sooner. Voices chatter excitedly as we wait for the concert to begin.

The stage darkens, bodies move into place. The silhouette of each musician strikes the pose. Strobe lights flash, BOOM –  the music begins and does not let up for two and a half hours. We are lost in a Christmas world of rocking music, then too suddenly the music is over. Lights are back up and slowly we reenter the world of November, but there is a song echoing in in our minds as we begin the walk back to the parking garage.

Now the CDs are in the car and I can relive the music of that night over and over. Attending this concert makes it so much easier to endure the stores pushing  Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Lights, music, action!

4 thoughts on “The Season Begins

  1. I must be a total ‘rule follower’ because exceptions on when the season starts are nearly impossible for me to consider. I did have a friend post about Celtic Advent starting Nov 15th and I contemplated getting my tree out that night, but pre-Thanksgiving just feels wrong! I am glad you are able to enjoy the festivities early.

  2. Ahh Christmas. It’s coming and we can’t stop it. A few years ago I decided to embrace the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday season as just one big season instead of two. This year I wanted to decorate for Christmas last weekend. My husband rolled his eyes (can you believe it?) and said, “Not a chance, Ruth.” Alas, I’m still waiting until after Thanksgiving…but then we’ll be adding more white lights and singing along to Christmas music. Thanks for a slice that gets me (even more) excited about Christmas. 🙂

  3. I love your comment about the world not asking you- I chuckled out loud at that one. Surely the world would be a better place if the right people, like you, were consulted on these kinds of issues! I am with you all the way. I was also tickled by the line, “I walk just a bit quicker, as if my quick steps will start the concert sooner.” I think I just might be guilty of that one myself! The Trans-Siberian Orchestra does play some stunning music, but I could never see them in concert. I can’t listen to “Carol of the Bells.” It is my Christmas enemy, that song. I would imagine it was easy to get lost in the music, though.

  4. I have been feeling exactly the same way about Christmas! I LOVE Christmas, but I’m not ready for it until Thanksgiving! It has been creeping earlier and earlier though — we seriously have a radio station here in town that started playing nothing but Christmas music 24/7 TWO WEEKS AGO! Insane. Your concert sounds like a wonderful experience though! I really liked your description of all the sounds and sights while you were there — it helped bring me into your experience!

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