A Shower

The night frosted the world outside.

As the sun rose, it slowly warmed the sparkling glitter.

It began as a drip, drip, drip

One leaf, two, three

Like drops of water falling from a leaky faucet.

Slowly it became a constant drizzle.

A slight breeze created a blizzard!

How did they know?

The puddle of leaves are a rainbow.

10 thoughts on “A Shower

  1. Interesting comparing leaves falling to rain falling.
    LOVED the image.
    I always am looking for a photograph to illustrate what I write. I know a story should stand on its own. But I like the photographs as well. Sort of like icing on a cake. You don’t need the icing, but it is nice.

  2. Your picture and poem are definite winners. Never saw a leaf rainbow before. It’s almost like the tree planned this so you could find it and write about it. You always seem to find nature at its best! “A puddle of leaves are a rainbow”–priceless. I’m lookiing forward to your winter finds!!

  3. The best part was that I had to scroll down to get to the bottom of the image! So the image that your words painted was in my head first, and I got the excitement of revealing the actual image slowly to confirm my thinking. I love the way leaves fall in bursts. You captured it beautifully with your metaphor.

  4. Love the words and the photo! That final line “The puddle of leaves are a rainbow” is beautiful. Does it also denote a promise, like the usual rainbow? Hope your storm didn’t bother too much!

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