How Would Students Describe You?

I get a lot of school related email that I must have signed up for, but actually have no recollection of what brought me to that site. Usually I quickly peruse the information looking for nuggets that I could use or pass on to teachers. Then it is quickly deleted and I move on to other matters. However, the question of the day caught my attention and made me stop to ponder how I would answer this. The question on the computer screen was: What word do you hope students use to describe you?

As I thought, my mind wandered back to a conversation I had with my brother when I told him I was going to be a teacher. He questioned me,  “What will your students say about you?” My response was quick to him, “They will say I am nice and fair.” After all that’s what I wanted in a teacher. But once I finally stepped into that role I learned there was so much more to being a teacher than nice and fair. They are fine words and if they were used to describe me I would accept it with a smile. However, they are not the words I would select for myself.

Passionate is the word I would like students and teachers to use to describe me. When I was in the classroom, I worked intensely to get all my students to be the best reader they could be. Teachers know my passion for reading by the books I share each time I am with them. My newest passion is writing.  Now they hear of my journey as a writer through this blog.

Sometimes my husband wishes I wasn’t so passionate about books. Is it a bad thing that when I open a new tab and are permanent residents on the recently opened tab page? Of course the library system is there too. I can’t own them all. 😦

You can visit the site and read words others have chosen here. After I chose my word, I read the choices made by others. I noticed passionate appeared several times. What’s your word?