The End

Two weeks ago I went to  our farmer’s market, looking for that last taste of sunshine. Imagine my relief when I drove up and spotted the orchard truck. Yes, they are here, it’s not too late for peaches, I thought as I parked. Then the doubts crept into my mind, maybe the peaches are gone and they are bringing apples. Oh no, please don’t say that!

I made a beeline for the truck as soon as I got out of my car. My eyes scanned the crowd. Usually this truck has a  line of customers that snake down the row past several jealous vendors. Today I saw only a few people waiting in line for service. This is not giving me a good feeling, but I continue. I will not abandon my quest for those fresh-off- the-tree orbs of sweetness.

What is that on the table? Could it be . . . Yes, they are still here! “This is the last day for peaches,” the sales lady says to me. Those are the saddest words. Ten loonnngggg months of no fresh peaches! Already I am thinking about July and savoring that sweet juicy bite. But, it is now and I buy two bags of peaches.

I return home with my treasures and carefully inspect them. Some are ripe and need to go to the refrigerator to preserve them. Some are not quite ripe and need to sit on the counter to ripen. Each day it is my task to determine which peach is eaten, which peach goes into refrigeration, or which peach remains to ripen a bit more. It is a labor of love.

Can you tell I L-O-V-E these peaches? Store peaches are just not the same. I know, I am a peach snob. If I can’t get them from the orchard I will do without. (I’m the same way about tomatoes.) The final peach has been consumed. Memories of the sweetness are etched into my mind, until next year.

Time passes so slowly as I wait for these to ripen.


8 thoughts on “The End

  1. grade4wizard says:

    Your beginning was so engaging that for a moment I thought: “Oh, no, the peaches are gone.” i was relieved that you still got some. I know the difference between store and home-grown tomatoes. I wonder how peaches from an orchard taste.

  2. Love how you describe the peaches as orbs of sweetness. I could also visualize the long line of customers. And their beautiful color . . . nothing quite like it. I love the pic. And I’m with you about the tomatoes too.

  3. Your peaches look so enticing — even to a non-peach person like myself. I really enjoyed following you and your quest. There is nothing like that joy of discovery …they were there!

  4. Your excitement and the image of the peaches took me to an image stored away in my head of Aaron Elster, child survivor of the Holocaust, stealing apples from the attic in which he was hidden. There was something powerful in the way you made those peaches look and sound that triggered that vivid image. “Orbs of sweetness” is going to come to mind every time I see a peach from now on.

  5. “Those-fresh-off-the-tree orbs of sweetness”–my favorite line. Fresh peaches are like eating homemade cookies–the best! I have frozen some to relish later.

  6. I really like your descriptive storytelling — you had me “on the edge of my seat” waiting to see if there really were peaches or not in the first paragraph! Such a great way to capture the bittersweet feeling of summer’s end too!

  7. Great story & I agree that no peaches will do that aren’t from our favorite place. I do freeze some, but of course they aren’t the same I know. I like your beginning and the use of dialogue. It made me want to hurry on to the rest of the story!

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