Special Times

A birthday celebration was on the horizon. Once three friends were able to coordinate calendars (a major accomplishment), a plan evolved. The recipe for a birthday celebration begins by meeting at a lounge for martinis and munchies.

Toss in a trip across town to a food truck for a “twisted” taco. As we pulled up to the truck, our hopes were dashed. They were closed! It had been a cool and rainy day, so the truck decided to shut down early. Were we out of luck? Goodness no! (Do you know Pete the Cat? If not, you need to head out to the bookstore and check him out.) We hopped into the car and headed out for another food truck, The Traveling Taco. The specialty of this truck is a fried taco. It did not disappoint.

The final ingredient for the night was the laugh out loud movie Bridesmaids. Of course no birthday celebration would be complete without dessert. Mini-cupcakes and cake pops (balls of cake on a sucker stick) were smuggled into the theater. The only thing missing was the candle.

Great food & beverages + Funny movie = One delightful birthday celebration with girlfriends

The evening still puts a smile on my face when I think back on those few hours.


14 thoughts on “Special Times

  1. Janay says:

    It was a perfect birthday celebration!! I have to say, this post kinda makes me weepy. Only because I, the birthday girl, am sooooooooo lucky to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends. I love you guys!!!!

  2. TGH says:

    What a post! Thanks for this! We are a week away from that celebration and I am still laughing. How it was pulled of is beyond me! I am ready to go again!

  3. If you all get together to celebrate each others’ birthdays, you end up a whole lot closer to the number of celebrations you each deserve in a year! Sounds like fun. I need a girls night out! I love the reference to the Pete the Cat tucked in there–like the teacher you just couldn’t resist piping up.

  4. grade4wizard says:

    Happy belated birthday! Thank you for sharing the recipe for a just-right birthday afternoon. It brings a smile on a face even when just reading about it. Pete the Cat fits in perfectly.

  5. Happiness abounds on your day. What a wonderful post. It made me smile all the way through. Every minute seemed delightful. I think women know how to celebrate! Happy belated birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday to you, Elsie?! You know how to live!!!! I will keep these activities (or the like) in mind on my next birthday. Still putting smiles on your face?–priceless SOLS

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