If Hummingbirds Could Talk

Who doesn’t love hummingbirds? They provide me with endless entertainment during the summer season. Their feeder is perfectly positioned so I can observe them as I cook dinner, read, or watch TV.

They zip, zoom, dive, dart with the ease of the most accomplished aerial acrobats. They come flying in with attitude and I can just imagine the conversations they might have.

“Get out of the way, this is MY feeder!” as he barrels in shoving others off.

“What makes you think you’re the boss of this feeder, you don’t scare me!”

“This is mine!”

“No, it’s mine, find another feeder.”

“Quick, I can get a sip before that bossy fellow gets back.”

“Do you want to share?”

“Which hole has the best flavor?”

“What? Where’s the juice? Who drank all the juice?”

They hover around the window, watching and wondering when the feeder will return.

There is one who has been named King. He sits perched on the top of the holder surveying the yard before him. He is ready to defend his territory should anyone be brave enough to challenge him.

Like I said, they are very entertaining, especially when you hear their voices in your head.


9 thoughts on “If Hummingbirds Could Talk

  1. Such an entertaining description of your hummingbirds! Don’t worry, I imagine what animals are saying all the time too. In fact, I’m constantly made fun of by my husband and parents for wondering/imagining what animals are thinking all the time! (For example, what do the animals think when all of a sudden everyone puts out Christmas lights?)

  2. TGH says:

    Great pictures. The humming conversation was pretty funny. They do have sweet little pesonalities. Some aggressive while others are more timid. Your conversation showed it all!

  3. the other ruth says:

    So cool! My youngest has a hummingbird feeder hung where we can watch them come from the chairs on the porch or from a sofa inside. It’s mesmerizing to watch..and now I’ll see if I can hear their conversations too!

  4. Michelle says:

    Elsie, I adore this post. I love how you allowed these beautiful creatures to come alive through voice. What fun to create a story!

  5. We just see them at our cabin; rarely do they appear down on the plain, but oh what wonderful birds they are. You have captured them so well, imagining their quick speech, like their flight! They are a bit selfish aren’t they, wanting all the juice. Your photos are wonderful-especially of the King. Hard to catch them so still!

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