Guess Who Came to Lunch

He arrived without an invitation,

but he did bring his own food.

He picked at his food with determination

but his manners were lacking.

There was no hurry,

but there was no conversation.

Occasionally he paused to gaze at his surroundings,

then he continued to attack his meal.

He devoured it all.

He departed as quietly as he came.

He left a mess of scattered feathers.

This is all he left.

Was he full or did he leave to find another meal?

"That was yummy."

My lunchtime guest


13 thoughts on “Guess Who Came to Lunch

  1. I also liked the “guessing game” format of the poem — I was wondering what kind of animal and then it was so fun (and surprising — I was imagining a cat or something) to see the pictures!

  2. Each line in this poem is so well crafted and necessary that it’s hard to point to a favourite. You remind me of the importance of cutting out the unnecessary bit. It’s ‘slim’ and perfectly so. I would love to use this as an example of how to use vivid verbs rather than superfluous adjectives in descriptive poetry. May I?

  3. Observing nature–the best summer has to offer. This time of year, everything is active and worth noticing–thanks for sharing your lunch time guest in spite of his manners!!!!

  4. Like ‘but his manners were lacking’. It, and the other lines, tells the story so smoothly, and along with the photos, good story. Amazing that you were able to get such good shots.

    • The photos were taken from my kitchen window with lots of zoom. Unfortunately the windows are tinted so that’s why the pictures seem darkish.

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