Pepper Problems

Fresh homegrown produce is the best! A previous slice celebrated my first tomato of the season (click here to read). Since then, the tomatoes have not maintained the size or quality of the first. But that is not the heart of my slice.

This year my herb and  two tomato plant garden plot grew. I rejoiced in the idea that I had room to include a few more plants. I added two blueberry shrubs. They thrived . . . for a while, now they have curled up and died, much like the wicked witch of the west. The herbs have been prolific. Bumblebees and butterflies have been busy gathering the pollen from the blooms. I know I should cut the blooms off, but I didn’t have the heart when I saw the insects dipping in and out among the plants. Again, this does not match my title.

My "garden" plot

We love red peppers! However, they demand a high price at the store. So they are purchased only when they are on sale, which isn’t very often. Ah-hah! Extra space in the garden makes me think I could add a few pepper plants.

Flashback to May – I am wandering around the farmer’s market collecting herbs and tomato plants for my garden when I see markers in a pot stating they are red pepper plants. Yes, just what I need to complete my little garden. I return home with four of these pepper plants. All items are planted immediately. Then I sit back to wait for the bounty to grow and ripen, savoring the tastes yet to come.

As I watch the peppers, I am confused by the shape developing. They should look like a bell pepper but these don’t. Instead they take on the shape of jalapenos. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a jalapeno here and there, but four plants?! As time rolls on, the pepper turns a gorgeous shade of red. I do have red peppers, just not the variety I thought I’d have.

I turn to my friend Google to see if I can learn something about these peppers. One bit of information says they are sweet and mild. This prompts me to cut and taste one of the peppers. Good thing it was a tiny bite – hot, hot, hot! Now what do I do with these peppers? Any suggestions would be welcomed. I just keep picking them, but have no clue how to use them. Can you help?

Red peppers - What do I do with them?


6 thoughts on “Pepper Problems

  1. I don’t have any good suggestions for you… but would like to say those are good-looking peppers. I like how you slowly introduced the main topic of your slice. It made me keep on reading.

  2. Love the garden story. All gardeners have such stories. We once had hot green peppers in our garden. Our son managed to get two of our daughter’s friends to try them. I think between the two boys they drank a gallon of milk putting out the fire.

  3. Since we live in the west, those kinds of red peppers thrive and are everywhere. I buy just a few to add to southwestern dishes, because they are hot & spicy. I know that there are roadside stands that sell them roasted, & then they are used in cooking. You had a nice surprise; maybe you could set up your own stand for a day? (Ha, ha) The picture shows them to be absolutely perfect!

  4. grade4wizard says:

    It’s a lovely story of a growing garden. You obviously have a green thumb because the peppers look just perfect. Sharing is always a good option. My mother-in-law planted zucchini instead of cucumber last year. She didn’t want to experiment with something new so she gave them all to me and my sister. We had many different recipes to try.

  5. Janay says:

    I like the relish idea. Or how about salsa?! You could always chop them up and freeze them, and give them to your friends….after they’ve been chopped and in a freezer bag. 🙂 Love your writing. And so impressed that when I google you, you are there!!

  6. Tiff says:

    How funny! Looks like a recipe for a smart relish is in order! ;0) My neighbor grows the red ‘bell.’ I hardly ever go to the farmers market because she keeps me stocked up on produce! I am always 1st in line to take care of her garden when they leave town! Love the pictures!

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