Wild Winds

Winds blow fiercely,

A moaning, hollow wail begins.

Maples bend, twist, turn

Following  the wind.

Rain drips, drops slowly,

Quickly picking up speed

As it lashes everything in its path.

Click, clack, clatter begins the hail,

Thunk, clunk sounds follow.

A giant is angry, very angry.

He hurls icy stones at our windows.

The clouds pass, the storm moves on.

Hailstones cover the ground like styrofoam packing balls.

Leaves litter EVERYTHING!

Another storm passed,

Clean-up begins . . . again.


9 thoughts on “Wild Winds

  1. grade4wizard says:

    You have captured the pace and the sounds of the storm so well. I like the image of the angry giant.

  2. Michelle says:

    I am so glad you tried out poetry! Sounds great – love the description and it was exactly the storm that ripped through our state last week!

  3. Sounds like a typical thunderstorm here. Your description had me nodding my head…perfect. You painted the perfect picture of the angry giant that disturbs our sunny summer days.

  4. Wow, this reminds me of the other night at our house, but we didn’t get the hail. We sure got the wind and had to clean up sticks and leaves the next day. I love the way you use your words; hurls, lashes are very strongs verbs and they create a picture for me. Thanks for sharing! Happy slicing! :o)

  5. Love all the sound words, and your photos! We have hail in the forecast today, and I will remember your words. The metaphor of the giant is interesting, versus the female mother nature. I like the line where he hurls icy stones a lot.

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