Is It the End?

“Is it a bad thing when the TV is clicking and it is not on?” he asked.

I think that doesn’t make any sense, how could the TV be clicking when it is not on. I decide I’d better check this out. He probably pressed the wrong button on the remote to cause this clicking. Electronic equipment is not something my husband likes to tinker with, to him it just needs to work. Don’t try to figure out how or why it works, just learn the function of a minimal number of buttons and life is good.

Yes, the TV is clicking. Actually is sounds like the blinker of an old car inside the TV. We even unplug the TV and yet it continues to click! I guess the TV has finally decided to die. By our best calculations, it is probably about 25 years old. In fact, I think this was a hand-me-down from his parents. So the clicking was the last gasp of this ancient, huge, boxy TV. It had warned us, by warping and slowly shrinking the picture, but we ignored the signs. It lived a good life in the bedroom, but it was time to move on to a nice little flat screen.

The timing was convenient. We don’t have a Costco where we live, but we were going to be near one the next day. Perfect! We will go to Costco and get a new small flat screen TV and a new counter microwave too.

Why do you need a microwave too, you are wondering. Well, the button to open the door on our microwave popped a spring about six months ago. It still worked (sort of) so I didn’t think it was necessary to replace it right away. However, over time the inside of the door began to rust. So, this is a perfect opportunity to replace that too says my husband. He is tired of dealing with the button.

Of course, Consumer Reports was consulted prior to any purchasing. We arrived at Costco, rolled into the TV department. Plunk! A 27 inch TV box into the cart. Moving on to microwaves. Thunk! A microwave added to the cart. Off we go with our purchases.

Back home we assemble the TV, but of course the satellite remote is not set up for this TV. I try the multitude of access codes but none work. It is 10:15 PM, this is a job for tomorrow. After a quick call to Dish, the remote is synced to the TV. Yeah! That was easy.

On to the microwave . . . take it out of the box, plug it in. Simple, right? Yes, but has less wattage than our previous machine so it takes longer. The beeper at the end goes on and on and on, even when you open the door. Plus it is noisy when cooking. Husband is not liking this machine.

Apparently, it can overheat too. I was cooking bacon in it and after I had taken the bacon out, it turned off. Poof! No power at all. I moved it to another outlet, still no power. Thirty minutes later, it’s back working. I predict this is not living long in our house.

This month has taken a toll on machines in our life. Two weeks ago it was my laptop, followed by the wireless printer, the TV, the microwave, and finally my husband’s cell phone. That’s another story for another day.

I hope we have reached the end of this string of appliance issues.


Taste of Summer

“I think it’s ready,” I said.

“Are you sure?” he replied.

I reached out for a final check. It yielded slightly to my touch. The skin was smooth and red.

“Yes, I am sure,” I said as I sliced into the first tomato of the summer.

A Tale of Frustration

Frustration is what I am feeling today. Frustrated that I don’t have a story to share. Frustrated that I had to get a new computer. Frustrated  this computer has new ways of doing things. Frustrated that the wireless printer is printing extra lines mixed in with my text. GRRRRR!!!!

Usually I have started a slice a few days before posting. I can leisurely reread it and revise several times before posting. Not this week. The week slipped by as I was constantly aware that I didn’t have anything started. So here I sit, Tuesday morning avoiding creating a post.  I read slices already posted. I think I could skip a Tuesday, right? Then as I read, I think, Just Do It! What’s on your mind? And the computer and printer jump to the top of the list.

My computer is a laptop. It has a mind of its own. It turns off, no warning at all. I have lived with this issue for several years. Yes, I have lost information as I worked, but I got very good at saving documents every few minutes. A week ago, I turned it on and saw a new blue screen that informed me it failed to start. Uh-oh! Push enter and it will try to repair itself. I did and it did, but I don’t trust it. I have too many files I don’t want to lose. (I sort of have a back up but it is not complete. Yes, I know I should get a better system.) The computer is about four years old, I figure it has lived long enough. So, off I go to see what is out there in the world of laptops for a reasonable price.

Several hours later I have purchased a new laptop. I am now computer-less. My old computer is at the store to transfer files. I will not see any computer for a couple of days. I am adrift without my computer. Since I have no computer, I cannot work. Perfect opportunity to read. I enjoy my time with books, but I’m thrilled when the store calls and says my computer is ready for pick up. I am back in the “connected” world!

I get the CD for the printer, I run the CD for the printer. It says Successful Installation. So, I begin to create documents. Everything is working just fine, but after a while  there are vertical lines running through my text. It printed fine a moment ago, but not now. What is going on? My neighbor suggests I uninstall the printer, then reinstall to see if that fixes the problem. It doesn’t. I guess a trip to the store is in my future to get some resolution to this problem. I hope a new printer is not in my future. I just bought a new box of  ink for this one.

Okay, I’ve ranted on long enough. Some of the frustration has exited through my fingertips. I guess I did have a story to tell. So, I will quit now, while I feel some relief . . .

Wild Winds

Winds blow fiercely,

A moaning, hollow wail begins.

Maples bend, twist, turn

Following  the wind.

Rain drips, drops slowly,

Quickly picking up speed

As it lashes everything in its path.

Click, clack, clatter begins the hail,

Thunk, clunk sounds follow.

A giant is angry, very angry.

He hurls icy stones at our windows.

The clouds pass, the storm moves on.

Hailstones cover the ground like styrofoam packing balls.

Leaves litter EVERYTHING!

Another storm passed,

Clean-up begins . . . again.