We rise before the sun. Quietly we move through the morning rituals of breakfast, showers, dressing. The car waits for its final bags and passengers. We step out into the dark with iced coffee in hand to begin the 1,500 mile journey home. Slowly, the car rolls down the driveway slipping away, while the home’s occupants sleep on.

As we head toward the highway,  my semi-focused eyes try to take in the details surrounding me. Streetlights reveal a dancing mist of fog has settled in during the dark of night. Streets normally filled with cars are eerily empty.  I wonder, who would be  up and out  at this time on a Sunday morning? We stop at the light and a car pulls up next to me. I glance over, a lone man is munching on something. He intently watches for the light to turn green.

We have reached the highway, six lanes of road stretch before us. The red taillights of the cars ahead are red eyes staring at us. Where are these people going? As the sun slowly spreads its light, I close my eyes to rest. I know it will be my turn to drive later.

Two days later we pull into our driveway. Vaction is over. Sigh . . .


12 thoughts on “Leaving

  1. I know this is a slice about an ending, but it has the feel of the beginning of a chapter to me. I think somewhere within that hollow feeling of leaving is the renewal you get from the feeling of “having been away.”

  2. grade4wizard says:

    The details and word choice – rise before the sun, the car slipping away, eerily empty streets, the dancing mist of fog, a lone man, six lanes of road stretching – create a mood that makes the reader sigh together with you.

  3. Drive-home endings to vacations are so different from drop-out-of-the-sky-flight home endings. It is like the careful wrapping of a present, the creasing of the corners, placing the tape along the seam, holding the ribbon tight for the knot, all the while thinking sweetly of the gift inside and the face of the recipient.

  4. I felt so sad that the occupants of the house slept on as you left. And I understand the sigh left at the end of your slice. I hope you got to enjoy your vacation!

    And thanks for the comment on my post about running. I had hoped we were going to crawl up the hill as a cool down, but that didn’t happen. I’m just glad my feet are still right now. 🙂

  5. Ann says:

    You perfectly described the feeling of that morning. I could see it all – and wanted an iced coffee of my own! The emotion comes through beautifully. Thank you for sharing this!

  6. Those night and early morning drives can be very empty. My mind wanders just like yours. You painted a beautiful picture of the loneliness that leaving brings…especially on those empty road mornings.

  7. You write with a sadness, the ending seals it, I guess. That long journey home on a road trip offers so many memories, doesn’t it? I like that you connected with the others too on the road. I do that, too, wondering about the families, the lone drivers. Great details!

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