Summer’s Time

Ahhh . . . it’s here – summer. The pace slows down. The “have-to-do” list is shorter. I am surprised to find myself with open blocks of time.

During the school year many projects get shoved aside, with the promise I’ll work on it in the summer. Now summer’s here and I don’t have the excuse of school. A few of my “have-to-do” tasks involve organizing. I need to organize my picture books, but I just don’t know a good way to do that. The shelf space is limited, the size of the book determines which shelf it is housed on. Another task is organizing my files of teaching material. I know that will help me be more effective next year. I will work on it . . . later. Then there is my stack of professional books, some are new to me. Some have been read, but need to be revisited. Writing more entries in my writer’s notebook is another goal I have for this summer.

My stack of professional book waiting for me.

Non-school tasks involve organizing recipes. I am a great one for tearing out magazine recipes I want to try. I do try them, but then they just sit on the shelf. They need to find a home in a sleeve, in a binder. Slowly, I will work through that stack. Who know’s, I may discover a new favorite recipe.

I will have to fit in time for beading. New beads have been bought but nothing has been created, yet. A beading marathon with friends could be scheduled soon.

Now that I write out my summer plans, I ask myself: Is it really a slower pace? Or just a different focus for the tasks?


12 thoughts on “Summer’s Time

  1. I have been wondering the same thing. There are so many projects that need to be done. Yet, for some reason, summer makes you feel like you have lots of time, freedom and possibilities. Good luck with your list and enjoy!

  2. It is both – slower but different tasks. Slower because you are not trying to fit this all in around work. Different because they are personal tasks you want to complete. I love the variety of activities people switch to based on the seasons. Good luck getting your summer tasks done. At least your paycheck isn’t in jeopardy if you don’t finish. 🙂 I like your stack of professional books. Added some to my wish list.

  3. jee young says:

    Great list of books~!! Day by Day and Teaching Reading in Small Groups are on my lists to read as well! 🙂

  4. I was looking at your photo of the stack of books thinking of the way so many of them have influenced me and then I saw mine! Thank you, I’m honored. You must know, I read Jensen’s, Teaching with the Brian in Mind in college and it CHANGED me. This year I read Katie’s In Pictures and In Words. It also is one of the most influential professional books I’ve ever read. I can’t believe Day by Day is in the same stack as these.

  5. Loved this slice…I identified with many of your thoughts.

    My list seems to change focus…working on the house, myself, and just enjoying the slower pace.

    Any favorite magazines you read for recipes? I’m attempting to try Cooking Light recipes this summer.

  6. What a great reading stack. Many of them are dog-eared on my shelf. Happy Reading! I think that summer may be busier then the school year. It may be a break but we try to cram all of those “extras” into that small time period. Good luck with your list but give yourself permission to have lazy days too. 🙂

  7. Oh the anticipation of a productive summer…the bane of many teachers’ existence. I completely understand the organizing to-do list. Good luck to you! But…give yourself some down time first. 😉

  8. Michelle says:

    Elsie, I have to agree with you. Even though summer is here and the pace appears to be slowing down, I don’t know that it really does! The pace is just the same, but now we are squeezing in all those activities that we love to do — our focus has shifted and school cannot be our excuse. Enjoy all that you plan to do — I have some of those same activities on my to do list too!

  9. grade4wizard says:

    Lists are good. Having time to do the things on a list is good. It is also OK to not to do all the things on the list. Enjoy your summer.

  10. The picture says it all. How can we do all those tasks we’ve looked forward to in the summer? I always believe that vacation just yawns so big before me, & yet it fills up fast & I’m not sure I can finish all the plans, as you said. It’s slower only that we don’t always have to run out of the house so fast. I like that you showed all your ideas; the beading sounds so relaxing & fun to do with friends. Happy summer!

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