Sweet Scent

Huff and puff, I trudge along the road. My eyes dart side to side, looking for anything to distract me as I walk. My mind is able to wander because my feet know this route so well. I ponder many topics, such as: What should I write about on the blog? What will I be fixing for dinner? What do I have to do this week? On and on the thoughts fill my head when suddenly I enter the HONEYSUCKLE ZONE. The sweet scent begins as a whisper, “Come closer, you are headed in the right direction.” All thinking evaporates. I breathe deeply, taking in that delightful smell.

A wall of honeysuckle

What, I am at the end of the road? It’s time to turn around already? Time and distance pass so quickly when you are surrounded by honeysuckle vines that release their perfume to the breeze. My steps slow slightly so I can savor the fragrance just a bit longer. But sadly, I exit the honeysuckle zone and my speed picks up as I head for home. The thoughts that were driven out of my mind by the honeysuckle come crashing back  once again. I cannot escape reality any longer.

Honeysuckle has climbed to the top of this tree, thereby creating a honeysuckle tree.

The wild honeysuckle blooms last for about two weeks. Those are the best two weeks of walking. I almost look forward to the walk.


9 thoughts on “Sweet Scent

  1. I really connected to your opening paragraph. Walking, thinking and looking for distraction. I don’t think I Have ever noticed a honeysuckle wall/zone. I am envious.

  2. the other ruth says:

    I love that you slow down that part of your walk! I slow down for the scent of lilacs and the smell that comes just after soaking summer rain.
    I hope you get to enjoy it for several more walks!

  3. I think I need to take a trip to the honeysuckle zone. It sounds like a good opportunity to slow down, count one’s blessings, and just relax.

  4. My mind is able to wander because my feet know this route so well. I love this line. I am savoring it. You made me want to smell honeysuckle. I have never experienced the natural scent in person, but now I have experienced it through your words!

  5. I was reminded of the lilac bushes that surround my town. The aroma fills the air. Those are the days you can’t get enough of. I’m so glad your routine walk was shaken up a bit.

  6. The power of the senses–thanks for taking me on your walk with you today. I should find such sweet smells on my walk, so I would walk!!!

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