Do you have a place where keys are kept? We have a basket, in a desk drawer that holds an assortment of keys. There are keys for the car. Keys for our house. Keys for our neighbor’s house. Keys to a file cabinet.  Even a key for my mom’s apartment. Each key is attached to some type of a key chain. This helps to identify the key. This system seems to work  . . . . .  most of the time.

       Last week we bought a new car (no, I did not get rid of my convertible). My husband had to dig through the basket to find all the keys to the car we traded in. He found both sets, and what he thought was the valet key. It was not the valet key. Which leads me to ask . . . what is it a key to? As a matter of fact, there were several keys we could not identify.

The keys on the counter are the mystery keys.

I am afraid to toss these keys out. What if I throw it out? What would I do when faced with a locked item? This is a problem. Meanwhile, the pile of mystery keys continues to grow.


10 thoughts on “Keys

  1. Great slice. We, too, have keys in a drawer that we think we know what they do—but it can be a surprise when you check them out! I agree with Diana–it would be a great writing activity for kids or yourself to write about what the keys may unlock.

  2. We have those too! Your piece flows and feels nice and tight. And the picture is the perfect touch. Wouldn’t that be kind of fun to write about what the keys might unlock?

  3. We have a wooden key-shaped holder. Over half of the keys hanging on it cannot be identified. But, like you, we hold onto them, just in case.

  4. I JUST did this a couple of days ago, too. Your pile looks vaguely familiar. Maybe I have some of your keys!
    I don’t dare to throw any keys out either. What if I remember what they are for and now I don’t have them?

  5. That is so very funny! I remember my parents always having keys with missing homes. They always ended up being my pretend keys to the castle. Good luck finding their homes.

  6. I used to save LOADS of keys. I think I tossed nearly all of the old ones when we moved to PA.

    Speaking of which, after years of not having a centralized spot for keys, I finally have one. What an unspoken luxury!

  7. We have a bag full of keys tucked away somewhere – we keep tossing new ones in every so often and always ask the same question: what the heck do these unlock?!

  8. grade4wizard says:

    I think it is better to have more keys than to keep loosing the ones you need. I wonder whether you will solve your mystery.

  9. I continue to be amazed that keys continue to seem to appear. Maybe we don’t check on them enough. We have keys as you described. What a challenge! You said it well.

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