Power of Nature

Weather broadcasters had predicted possibility of severe storms Sunday afternoon. The ingredients for a tornado or a dangerous thunderstorm would be ripe after three o’clock.

I had completed all errands and was home by early afternoon. It was a bright sunny day, although the humidity was high. An occassional light breeze would blow and keep you cool.

No sign of storms as I lit the barbeque grill. Brats were grilled. No rain, sky is getting darker and the wind is picking up a bit. Dinner was eaten and the clean up was in progress when the newscaster announced that there are reports a tornado has touched down in Joplin. He said we could be in for a rocky night.

I watch the weather man’s report with growing fear. This is serious. The pictures start to come in. The devastation is unreal. Our sky has a strange color to it.  I know what this storm has done in Joplin and I am afraid. Soon the wind and rain is lashing at our windows. Thunder rolls and echoes as lightning flashes. The weather man says the storm has mostly gone south. We do not have a tornado tonight, only a thunderstorm.

When the storm has raged and is spent the sound of silence draws the neighbors outside. The light is extra bright and over the house we spot a double rainbow. What an incredible sight!

Rainbows are a sign of hope and a promise. This was a magical sight on a night filled with so much destruction.