Do you have a place where keys are kept? We have a basket, in a desk drawer that holds an assortment of keys. There are keys for the car. Keys for our house. Keys for our neighbor’s house. Keys to a file cabinet.  Even a key for my mom’s apartment. Each key is attached to some type of a key chain. This helps to identify the key. This system seems to work  . . . . .  most of the time.

       Last week we bought a new car (no, I did not get rid of my convertible). My husband had to dig through the basket to find all the keys to the car we traded in. He found both sets, and what he thought was the valet key. It was not the valet key. Which leads me to ask . . . what is it a key to? As a matter of fact, there were several keys we could not identify.

The keys on the counter are the mystery keys.

I am afraid to toss these keys out. What if I throw it out? What would I do when faced with a locked item? This is a problem. Meanwhile, the pile of mystery keys continues to grow.


Power of Nature

Weather broadcasters had predicted possibility of severe storms Sunday afternoon. The ingredients for a tornado or a dangerous thunderstorm would be ripe after three o’clock.

I had completed all errands and was home by early afternoon. It was a bright sunny day, although the humidity was high. An occassional light breeze would blow and keep you cool.

No sign of storms as I lit the barbeque grill. Brats were grilled. No rain, sky is getting darker and the wind is picking up a bit. Dinner was eaten and the clean up was in progress when the newscaster announced that there are reports a tornado has touched down in Joplin. He said we could be in for a rocky night.

I watch the weather man’s report with growing fear. This is serious. The pictures start to come in. The devastation is unreal. Our sky has a strange color to it.  I know what this storm has done in Joplin and I am afraid. Soon the wind and rain is lashing at our windows. Thunder rolls and echoes as lightning flashes. The weather man says the storm has mostly gone south. We do not have a tornado tonight, only a thunderstorm.

When the storm has raged and is spent the sound of silence draws the neighbors outside. The light is extra bright and over the house we spot a double rainbow. What an incredible sight!

Rainbows are a sign of hope and a promise. This was a magical sight on a night filled with so much destruction.

Who Did It?

We are calmly eating lunch at the counter when suddenly my husband jumps from his chair. “There’s something in the plant!” he says.

I approach the plant cautiously. I see the dark mass huddled amongst the thick leaves. I watch to see if there is any movement. All is still. Slowly I pull back some leaves to reveal

this  disturbing sight. “How in the world did this get here?” I wonder aloud, as I reach in and pull the nasty creature out of the foliage. Something in my brain stirs, I think I have seen this in another location but I can’t recall where.

Even sitting on the table it looks creepy. Who is the jokester? I have several candidates in mind so I sent out a couple of texts. Did you put a rat in our plant? The responses were quick and appeared to be innocent. Who else has been in  the house recently?

My suspicions fall to my neighbor on the left. I bring the offensive item over to question the suspect. Dan denies knowledge, but he says that with a chuckle. This laugh leads me to thinking he has knowledge but will not divulge his secret.

We continued to be suspicious of everyone  in our life. However, all that changed with a phone call from my son. I was telling him about his dad’s reaction to the rodent when an image clicked in my mind and I had a vague feeling that I had seen this rat in the hands of my granddaughter when they were here in April. “Do you know anything about this?” I asked.

“Maybe,” is the response on the other end of the phone. “It took you long enough to find it,” my son said with a laugh.

Now we can sleep easy. We know where the rodent is, but one day we will visit our son. I wonder where this furry fellow will find his next home?

Unchartered Territory


Brand new 4 years ago

I never thought it would happen to me, but it did, and I don’t know if it will ever happen again. My car turned 100,000 miles!

You have to understand, my husband used to trade cars in to avoid buying tires. When an odometer started to creep up to 45,000, he would start the process of looking for another car. That car would definately be gone by 60,000 miles.  We have had so many different cars I couldn’t begin to remember half of them.

Something changed with the purchase of this car. I’m not quite sure what it was but we have crossed over into unchartered territory. Hopefully this car will continue to perform for many more miles.

It's for real!

Under Construction

Always on the look out for the best material, she keeps a watchful eye. She travels far to find just the right touch. What will be most protective but yet soft for cushioning?

A quick flight through this backyard reveals a material she must have. She lands on the edge and begins to tug. A few quick pulls yields a mouthful of building materials. A quick jump to the other side, snatch a few more fibers. She looks around to get her bearings, then off she goes to the unknown nesting site. Several more trips complete her task.

I think I can use this.

If you happen to see a bird’s nest with coconut matte fibers, it may have come from my planter.

Just a bit more!