Details Do Matter

“Friends of the Library book sale begins Tuesday” flashed on the screen behind the librarian. It was Monday when I spotted the sign. Yeah, I thought, tomorrow I can run over there and get in on the sale the first day. I started thinking about last year and the great mentor texts I found for incredibly cheap prices. Mentally I began to plan my day and thought this could make a great slice of life story. I couldn’t believe that I happened to be in the library and saw the sign. Anticipation was high!

Tuesday morning dawned and I had several hours to fill before the sale started. Finally, it was time to head to the sale. I put cash in my pocket. I put my purse in the trunk. I grabbed a light-weight tote bag to hold all my books. As I began my journey I was mentally plotting my approach to the building. I remembered last year it was difficult to make a left hand turn into the parking lot, there were so many cars coming to the sale. This year I exited before the building so I could make a right turn into the lot and avoid all the traffic. Not far to go, I’m feeling the excitement build inside as I get closer and closer to the building!

I check clock in the car, the doors opened fifteen minutes ago. I should miss the initial rush of the door, but I know I will have to park at the edge of the lot. I am noticing everything around me, wondering “Are you headed to the library sale too?” I will jot these thoughts down in my writer’s notebook when I park as I want to describe this event for my blog. What simile will I use to describe the scene of cars and people being drawn into this building? I’m thinking about ants or magnets, but that will have to wait. I’ll decide when I start to write.

Almost there . . .  right turn into the lot . . . and . . . it is empty?! Not a soul there! Where is everyone? Confusion crowds my brain as my brain tries to recall that sign in the library and vaguely I recall seeing dates. The numbers I am envisioning are in the twenties! I am a week too early! Details, they get me every time!

Next week I will not be able to attend the sale. I will be working on the other side of the state all week. Disappointment fills me. I wonder what great books will I miss? Oh well, there’s always next year.

So, today someone is buying the books I know I need. The only thing for me to do is head out to Hastings (a book store) and Barnes and Noble after school. Bookstores always make me happy.


9 thoughts on “Details Do Matter

  1. Oh, I was so right there with you when you discovered that empty parking lot! The build up to the empty parking lot was great! I’m so sorry for you! That was such a disappointment & I would have needed to go to a book store too! Hope you found something good to read!

  2. the other ruth says:

    I felt like I was along for the ride! Love the way you stretched this for us. I too love a particular library book sale…and have been known to walk out with 40 pounds–yep, you read that right–of books at a time!
    Happy shopping next week!

  3. Aw-w, sad to hear, but you set us up for the anticipation so very well. I’m headed for a Scholastic sale soon, & wondering what I can live without! Hope you have fun at some bookstore, somewhere!

  4. Elsie,
    You should save this to share with students on how to stretch a tiny moment. You made my heart disappointed for you. Yes, do find a bookstore — you deserve it. 🙂
    Happy reading,

  5. Elizabeth G. says:

    I felt your disappointment and that added weight of missing the event. I always tell my kids that I am as excited, if not more excited, then they are when the Scholastic book box arrives. Books can do so much to reach people. I hope that you were able to find some good sales at your local book store.

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