Book Spine Poem

Book spine poems speak volumes, especially if they are directly from your personal book shelves.  They are addictive. They are fun to create and read. The possibilities are endless.

Go to your bookshelf and read the titles thinking how would these go together to create a poem. 100 Scope Notes  has a gallery of book spine poems (click on the link to view many poems).

Last year Stacey wrote a post on book spine poems in early May. The concept intrigued me, so I immediately went to my shelves to see what I could create.  Here is my poem from last year:

First book spine poem

This year I perused the gallery of others (from above link). Using the posted poems as mentor texts, made me realize my poem didn’t have a clear focus. It meandered around. Good first effort, but surely I can be more focused. Back to the bookshelves, some new titles called out to me,  “Pick me, pick me!” Which led me to my most current book spine poem:

How to Write Your Life Story


The pencil,

The wonderful happens.

The best story

Treasures of the heart.

My story won’t appear if I don’t move the pencil (or type on the keyboard). So by entering this blogging world, I have a new goal for myself. Write, because it is good for me.


12 thoughts on “Book Spine Poem

  1. Christy says:

    I love the lesson you just provided by including a first and second draft. What a clear way to show my students. I had a student who zoned out one day looking at book titles. so I introduced this poem idea to her. Other students caught on, but on, but I think your two examples side by side would be a great way to show how the Rule of So What applies even to found poetry!

  2. Elsie,

    Thank you for sharing this year’s as well as last year’s poems. It was fun seeing titles I recognize in a new way. This is an excellent exercise in using a new perspective.

    Happy Writing,

  3. I loved your poem! And decided to try it with the books behind my desk

    No More “I’m Done!”
    For the Love of Words
    Write, Rite, Rite!
    Games Galore
    Words on the Vine
    Nonfiction Matters

    It was fun to do thanks for the nudge.

  4. I love this! I’m not into the song titles poem since I don’t have that gadget, but books would work for me. I will try it! It sure helps with the inspiration! That book The Pencil sure intrigues me!

  5. What a perfect poem. Your message is so clear… in order to be a successful writer, you must move that pencil and let the treasures from your heart find the page. You must have an amazing personal library…these sound like amazing books.

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