Tap, Tap, Click, Click

Here I am, alone in the house, sitting on the couch, computer on my lap, reading reflections from Two Writing Teachers, Today Show is playing in the background, when I hear tap, tap, click, click. I raise my head, look around, and wonder what in the world made that sound? All is quiet, I go back to the computer. Tap, tap, click, click, there it is again. What is that sound? Now I get up from the couch and slowly walk toward the sound coming from the kitchen.

Then I see what is making the sound. A female cardinal is sitting on the window ledge of the kitchen window. She is tapping on the window with her beak as she is talking. What is she trying to tell me? I quickly grab my phone and turn it on to the camera. Slowly, I walk toward the window, fully expecting her to fly away the moment she senses I am there, but she doesn’t. I get right in front of her, snapping picture after picture. Unfortunately she is not posing for me, she is fluttering up and down, tapping and clicking. Obviously something has distressed her. When I walk out to the patio, she flies away.

What an unusual encounter that was, I thought. Later, I show my husband the pictures I took. We wonder what was the attraction to that window. I do not see her again, until . . .

Today I hear that familiar tap, tap, click, click at another window. This time she is calmer, not as much fluttering or clicking. She has brought her boyfriend, there is a cardinal sitting on the patio chair watching over her. Quickly they fly away before I can get my camera out. However, she has been back a couple more times today.

What is going on with this little cardinal lady?

What do you see?


11 thoughts on “Tap, Tap, Click, Click

  1. So cool you were able to capture her. I do wonder what she is trying to tell you. Odd how she brought her male friend back with her the next day.

  2. Phillip V S says:

    And thus the term “bird brain” becomes understandable. As handsome as they are, these little flying morons will fly from one window to the next attacking their own reflections. Over and over and over again. Once is cute, twice is annoying and every morning for a week with the ‘boy friend’ using the back of your garden furniture to answer his morning call of nature, will make you want to “lock and load”, or like we do, set our kitty (a.k.a. the assasin) on guard duty. Happy bird watching!!!

  3. I love the line, “What an unusual encounter.” You are so lucky you were able to snap her picture. When I left for school the other morning, there was a duck, I kid you not, a duck on my roof quacking meanly at an innocent mourning dove also sitting on my roof. The duck flew off before I could get a picture. Funny birds. 🙂

  4. I love to look at birds, altough I know nothing about them, so I can’t add anything to help you figure out why the bird was tapping on your window! Thanks for sharing! I really loved the anticipation about why the bird was taping on your window, keep us posted if you figure it out!

  5. I love the anticipation of finding out where the tapping came from and why your little guest was trying to get in. I thought that maybe she was flirting with her reflection until you said that she brought her mate. Hmm? I like the idea that she is someone from your past trying to make contact. What a beautiful bird and wonderful guest.

  6. Christy says:

    I have this thing with birds. Well, I really inherited it from my crazy mother (not really crazy, just crazy in the way that moms can be). I sort of have this belief that souls travel on the wings of birds. So, whenever I have an encounter, like yours, with a bird acting strangely, communicating with me, I believe it to be a soul I have known making some sort of earthly contact with me. Maybe you have a guardian angel looking out for you, letting you know she is glad you are home safely.

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