Ship Under Attack!

Terror is filling the halls of the boat. Who will be next? Many have succumbed and have not been seen for several days. You are asking what has happened? Germs have come on board and are lurking everywhere. It has gotten so bad that after the walking tour of Miltenburg, there was another type of tour arranged. One to the doctor. The diagnosis for many was bronchitis. So we wash our hands a bit more often, use the sanitizer spray, limit the touching railings, and avoid areas of congregating people who are coughing. There are only a few days left, surely we will not be hit by any illness.

Miltenburg is a lovely medival town. Many of the houses are built right into the side of a mountain. There is only one street through the old part of town. I will let the pictures do my talking today (hopefully they will come through). One thing to note is the amount of wood used on these half-timber homes. This is an indication of the owner’s wealth.

Here I am at the finish line! I have only missed one day and that was due to no internet connection. What a sense of accomplishment I feel! Thank you to Ruth for writing the posts that said why don’t you take the challenge. I think I will continue with the Tuesday slices and I hope to continue to read and learn about the lives of the fellow slicers, you will be learning about mine.