Locks on the River and Canals

The lock system on the rivers and canal is quite impressive. However, it can be aggravating to someone on the internet. The aggravation comes when the boat enters the lock, the satellite internet connection is lost due to the concrete walls surrounding the boat. Once you are out you hope for the best and try to get work done before the next interruption.

Approaching the lock

We will be traveling through sixty-eight locks as we travel from Budapest to Amsterdam. Thankfully many of them are at night. These locks are necessary because there is an elevation change of about 1,000 feet as we travel from the Danube to the Main to the Rhine River. Some of the locks are small and we can get in and out quickly. Others are quite large and it is at least a 20 minute process.

Slowly we sink.

As we move into a lock, the boat jostles a bit. Thump, thud, as we bump into the sides (these are usually the locks when we go down). Sometimes we glide into position effortlessly, then you wouldn’t even know we were in a lock until the light disappears as we sink down. The concrete walls glisten as we slowly sink. Before the lock master opens the gates the dripping water sounds like a shower being turned off. The gates open and we glide through.

Gates open, we slide through.

There was one point where the canal was above the road. It was a very bizarre feeling to be floating over the highway below. It was like a giant water tube you might see at a water park. My only thought was I hope they don’t have earthquakes around here.

Not only is the scenery beautiful, but I marvel at the ingenuity of the engineering done by those who have created the lock system.