Old city hall

Bamberg is an old medieval city that has been declared a  UNESCO World Heritage Site. In German the building to the left is Altes Rathaus (city hall). I wonder about the word rathaus, is that a commentary on the officials who work in city hall? Hmmmm . . . .

 This building was built in 1440, enlarged in 1668 and the frescoes were added in the 1700s. It is no longer city hall, it holds a collection of porcelain.

The fresco has an unusual feature. One of the cherub figure’s leg was fashioned out of plaster. The purpose of the 3-D was to draw the observer’s eye to the figure and follow his finger, which points to a sign advertising the painter of the fresco.

Check out the leg!

I find these little stories amazing. We don’t really think about humor of the people long ago. They were quite creative in their subtle way. I appreciate learning these little details that bring the world from centuries ago into my world.

City hall is on an island.


12 thoughts on “Bamberg

  1. Becky says:

    What a great journey you are on. Your posts are so descriptive. You will have quite a collection of stories to treasure long after you return.

  2. Hmm…I think I may start referring to our city hall as the Rathaus 🙂 I love the picture and story of the little 3D cherub. It looks like part of the scroll is 3D as well. Thank you for keeping us up on your adventure!

  3. Christy says:

    “I wonder about the word rathaus, is that a commentary on the officials who work in city hall? Hmmmm . . .”

    The humor in your post matches the humor to which you refer!

  4. It is the extra stories that make exploring a new place so rich. It deepens our relationship to place. Makes me wonder what little stories are out there about my own place.

  5. Elizabeth G. says:

    Wow! These pictures are just amazing. I’m sure that they are even more breathtaking in person. It’s too bad that this tradition was not continued….a sight to see.

  6. Thanks again for the photos. Makes us appreciate the stories that people told so long ago, & are still with us. It’s great you’re discovering so many little tales. Happy travels.

  7. This is a great little piece of information to share with all of us. I love anything old and the stories that go with it. Can’t wait to make a trip like yours myself. Meanwhile I am enjoying it through your writings. Thank you.

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