Old city hall

Bamberg is an old medieval city that has been declared a  UNESCO World Heritage Site. In German the building to the left is Altes Rathaus (city hall). I wonder about the word rathaus, is that a commentary on the officials who work in city hall? Hmmmm . . . .

 This building was built in 1440, enlarged in 1668 and the frescoes were added in the 1700s. It is no longer city hall, it holds a collection of porcelain.

The fresco has an unusual feature. One of the cherub figure’s leg was fashioned out of plaster. The purpose of the 3-D was to draw the observer’s eye to the figure and follow his finger, which points to a sign advertising the painter of the fresco.

Check out the leg!

I find these little stories amazing. We don’t really think about humor of the people long ago. They were quite creative in their subtle way. I appreciate learning these little details that bring the world from centuries ago into my world.

City hall is on an island.