Nuremberg and a Birthday


Nuremburg appears to be a large industrial city. The colors of the previous city are not as evident in Nuremburg (at least not in the section we visited). After a quick bus tour of the city wall, moats, and towers we were left on our own in the market square.

Boxes of color attracted the people like magnets to each stand. The flower stands had masses of primroses, pansies, jonquils, tulips, pussy willows, and so much more. The fruit & vegetable stands brilliant colors drew you in just to see if it was real, it was so vivid. Many shades of red were at the sausage booth. But the gingerbread stand had the longest lines. The cookies were soft and chewy, with a hint of citrus peel. These are not the gingerbread cookies we make at home (these are so much better!). We bought cookies (after trying samples), then we searched for a coffee spot to enjoy the cookie in some warmth.

The highlight of the day however, was not in the city, it was at dinner. Another birthday celebration with lots of silliness, for today was Phillip’s 45th birthday. It is unlikely he will have another birthday, he has a brain tumor. He has been battling this for two years and now the tumor is winning. Our group decided to make it a birthday to remember. Arrangements were made with the chef to create a special Indonesian meal just for our table. It was fabulous! Flowers were bought at the market to brighten the table. There will be a smile when anyone remembers this birthday.

cast of characters from the birthday


6 thoughts on “Nuremberg and a Birthday

  1. Lebkuchen! I love those and even went to a grocery store to buy the flat white disks they all sit on. You can make them at Christmastime for the stores carry the candied fruits that are required. I’m homesick for Bavaria after reading your posts!

  2. Christy says:

    I think I am enjoying your slices just as much without the pics. Your words do the job for me! I am curious to see if my visualization of the market square based on your words is anything like the real thing. It sounds lovely!

  3. Another enjoyable post–flowers, veggies, sausage, gingerbread cookies, and a birthday party! The only picture that came through was the birthday party, but with your description, I could imagine it all. What a special time.

  4. Elizabeth G. says:

    You painted a beautiful picture and such a special moment. I can picture the vibrant colors beconing people to them. And I would love to smell the aroma from the gingerbread cookies. It sounds like you helped to make a very memorable birthday. Safe travels!

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