Regensburg, a bit of Bavaria

 When you think of Bavaria, what comes to mind? I see the blue and white diamonds of the Bavarian flag fluttering in the breeze. But mostly, I think of beer, brats, and big pretzels. All three were present and accounted for today.

Traditional way of serving brats

However, I now have another sight to associate with Bavaria. Dogs, they accompany their masters everywhere! Usually it is not just one dog but two dogs. They may be of the same breed or two totally different breeds. These dogs have better manners than most of the masters. They are patient, eyes on the master.

"Mama, when will we go home?"

I found it unusual to be sitting at the outside tables of a restaurant and people strolled through with their four legged friends. One couple decided to have a bite to eat, so they pulled out the pad for the two Rhodesian Ridgebacks to sit upon. The dogs immediately sat politely, surveying their immediate surroundings.  I’m sure they were hoping for a bite, which they got from a tourist sitting nearby.

"Can you spare a bite?"

I wonder . . .  how long does it take to train your dog(s) to sit quietly under or beside a table in a restaurant? My dog never figured it out at home in the kitchen. I can’t imagine what she would do in public.