Scenic Cruising


For two hours we scenic cruised the Wachau Valley  between Durnstein and Melk (in Austria). Those unafraid of the elements gathered on the sky deck of the boat. At the bow, you will find the sturdiest souls, braving the wind but having the best view. The rear of the deck was also quite windy, however in the center you can reap the benefits of being outside, glorious sunshine with a bit of a windbreak surrounding you. Hot spiced wine is served to keep the chill away.

Immediately you can see the serious sightseers, they have the high powered binoculars to their eyes, scanning for that tiniest detail the naked eye cannot see. Cameras are everywhere, around the neck, in the hand, on the tables. Visual memories will be preserved.

The resident tour guide is giving a narration of history, land features, and quick German lessons. Truth be told, he does drone on and on at times which leads to small pockets of conversation as the narration continues.

I can tell that lunch preparations have begun two levels below. The smells from the kitchen are wafting over us as we

watch the scenery floating by. What do you think we will be

Scenic cruising from sky deck

having? Something smells spicy, like sausages, maybe there is a hint of onions and peppers. Now they have turned on the deep fryers for the chips (say the Aussies, do you mean French fries?). The smells are calling us in and it is noon, so the dining room is open. It is time to leave the sky deck and the endless talking.

What we are viewing


11 thoughts on “Scenic Cruising

  1. We stayed near Durnstein Abbey and Melk and found it glorious countryside. I definitely have to do this crusing thing. Did you see the small chapel in the hills where they kept Richard the Lionhearted imprisoned? So many things to see!!

  2. Your slice is rich with details. I especially loved this line, “At the bow, you will find the sturdiest souls, braving the wind but having the best view.” Thanks for sharing!

  3. jee young says:

    It sounds like you are having a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing with us and nice pictures! I hope your lunch tasted delicious as well.

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