Watching Life Move

 Ahh, Vienna, a city of cafes, cappuccinos, and concerts, I could write about each of them, but today I will focus a little slice of life in the slow lane.

After a panorama bus tour and walking tour of District 1 in Vienna, we return to the boat to rest and relax this afternoon before heading out to the Strauss concert tonight. I sat on the sky deck watching the life moving past, jotting notes in my notebook so I won’t forget the details.

Some of the locals slow their step to gaze upon this boat, curious about the people inside. Couples walk arm in arm or side by side with arms clasped behind their backs. Coats are buttoned up or flopping open with the breeze. Steps are slow, determined to complete this exercise or casual strolling. Joggers’ feet thump, thump as they move past the boat. Two styles of bikers emerge. One is out for exercise, they are dressed in biking clothes. They are a blur as they pedal by the boat, eyes straight ahead.  The other uses the bike for transportation, they will be dressed to continue life when they have reached their destination. They roll along, taking in the sights on their journey.

Now I spot a walker I recognize, it is my husband. He is moving quickly, arms are swinging at his side. “Slow down, take a picture of me,” I call out from the sky deck. He does, now you see my view of the life from the slow lane.