Hot Chocolate in Bratislava

Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous are words that can describe: flowers, paintings, people, clothing and many other items too numberous to list. Would you use them to describe food?  Specifically, hot chocolate? I don’t think I ever have, but in Australia they do.  More on this in a bit.

We have developed a friendship with four Australians. It feels as though we have known them forever, not just 3 days. How can this be? There is Sue, retired pharmicist who is traveling with mum, Yvonne. They are from Perth. Kath and Nahrell are good friends who are from a totally different area of Australia. These four did not know each other before this trip, but you would think they were best buds by their behavior.

Although it was a sunny day, it was crisp. We had a walking tour in old town Bratislava that left us feeling a bit of a chill. So, what will warm the soul and bones? Hot chocolate! The guide recommended a shop, it would only be 2 euros for a cup. Sounds like a deal!

It was lovely! It was beautiful! It was gorgeous! Creamy dark chocolate, the consistency of  freshly cooked pudding. Warm. Yum!!!

hot chocolate


 I think I will be using the Aussies’ vocabulary to describe food. It is lovely! It is beautiful! It is gorgeous!! Or should I say was?




12 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate in Bratislava

  1. Tiff says:

    Needed this today. I am hours away from my home and packing my mother from her home. Keep in mind this is a farm house over close to 150 years old that she grew up in! Excessive packing and no caffine! Sob…. sob….. Keep writing my friend!

  2. Elizabeth E. says:

    I hunted for you today, hoping you’d found a way to give a slice from abroad–I was not disappointed! And how lovely that you wrote about Austria (a favorite) and chocolate (double fav!). I hope you are enjoying yourself and taking LOADS of photos. Stay warm–inside and out–guess you will with treats like the one you found today!

  3. Your posts should be sent to your local newspaper–travel at its best–good food & companions! Thank you for the great detail of the trip; it makes me have a good glimpse of what it’s like.

  4. Elizabeth G. says:

    Looks delicious. So glad you found some friends to share this experience with. Thank you for taking us along too.

  5. My coffee is looking a bit bleak compared to your treat. I love meeting people on trips – the added dimension to an already incredible experience is indescribable – or maybe your Australians have a word for it!

  6. Oh Yum! I’m thinking it looks like a small bowl of warm nutella? What a lovely thought. Isn’t it wonderful when you find traveling friends that “click” together quickly? I like the pictures too and the hints of pens and notebooks on a smooth marble tabletop. G’day Elsie!

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