Hot Chocolate in Bratislava

Lovely, beautiful, gorgeous are words that can describe: flowers, paintings, people, clothing and many other items too numberous to list. Would you use them to describe food?  Specifically, hot chocolate? I don’t think I ever have, but in Australia they do.  More on this in a bit.

We have developed a friendship with four Australians. It feels as though we have known them forever, not just 3 days. How can this be? There is Sue, retired pharmicist who is traveling with mum, Yvonne. They are from Perth. Kath and Nahrell are good friends who are from a totally different area of Australia. These four did not know each other before this trip, but you would think they were best buds by their behavior.

Although it was a sunny day, it was crisp. We had a walking tour in old town Bratislava that left us feeling a bit of a chill. So, what will warm the soul and bones? Hot chocolate! The guide recommended a shop, it would only be 2 euros for a cup. Sounds like a deal!

It was lovely! It was beautiful! It was gorgeous! Creamy dark chocolate, the consistency of  freshly cooked pudding. Warm. Yum!!!

hot chocolate


 I think I will be using the Aussies’ vocabulary to describe food. It is lovely! It is beautiful! It is gorgeous!! Or should I say was?