First Food


Traveling is exhausting, but exhilerating! We have landed in Budapest and had a few hours to find something to eat and explore on our own. Tomorrow we will have a guided tour of Buda and Pest, so today we were in city central.

First thing on the spouse’s agenda, get something good to eat. Airplane food was AWFUL!

Gerbeaud’s was recommended by the tour director and we were not sorry. The menu reads like a poem.

Club Szendvics a la Gerbeaud

Parmesan coated chicken breast filet

Hard boiled egg

Crispy fried bacon

Tomato, lettuce, remoulade

On multigrain bread baked in our bakery

Potato chips, cucumbers

I had a Hungarian Sampler

Hungarian salami

Sausages, ham and cheese

Roasted pepper stuffed with ewecheese

Crispy vegetables

It was fabulous!

Can you tell?


6 thoughts on “First Food

  1. Elsie,
    I’m quite jealous of your trip! It’s funny, too, because I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “I wonder if Elsie is abroad and enjoying her trip?” Can’t wait to see and read more of your excellent adventures!

    -Carrie F.

  2. Christy says:

    I love that you are allowing us to vicariously experience this trip with you. The pics are incredible. So cool to be connected so far away.

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