Decision Time

 I’ve been having try-outs for the last three weeks. Sweaters have been auditioning for the opportunity to travel with me. You see it is not going to be warm where I’m going. It will probably be wet and cloudy. The temperatures may only be in the 40’s. If it gets to the 50’s, I will feel like I’ve won the lottery.

The try-outs are over. It is time to make decisions. I have to make  cuts, not everything gets to go. There is only so much room in the suitcase.

I go to the closet and snatch up an arm load  of hangers. I lay them out on the bed. There are too many choices. Cuts must be made. Only the most matchable will remain. Some must be tried on to see if it truly is a good match. Hangers are returned, new choices appear. Slowly decisions are made, soon there is a small collection remaining. They are carefully folded and placed into the suitcase.

Did I make the best choices? Will there be enough to last two weeks? Will I be warm or too warm?  What have I forgotten? Only time will answer these questions. When it does, it will be too late to remedy the situation.

Bags are packed and look there is still room for more. Should I add something else? My husband emphatically says, “NO!”

Okay, I’ve made a decision, zip the bags and walk away, but . . . I look over my shoulder and wonder . . .




17 thoughts on “Decision Time

  1. Oh, the river cruise sounds wonderful! (I loved both Budapest and Amsterdam!) Packing is so difficult, and you describe it so well here. I could feel that familiar anxiety about what to bring, what to leave, what if? Nicely done. Have a terrific time!

  2. Christy says:

    Your opening had me laughing. I had to explain to my husband and he said that sounded like the same process I go through! Love the description. There is universal truth here, I am sure!

  3. Michelle says:

    Great analogy! Try-outs, auditioning, making the cuts . . . giggle! giggle! Very clever in deed.

    I truly hope you have safe travels and enjoy every new moment of this experience. We look forward to hearing about it in future slices!

  4. hey2blondie says:

    I too have trouble making decisions when it comes to packing for a trip. You just never know what the weather is going to do. You could always go shopping!

  5. I too love the idea of the sweaters auditioning. It sets the tone of the whole piece and I imagine all the clothes vying for your attention and hoping to get the chance to travel!

  6. Elizabeth G. says:

    I think we have all second guessed our packing job once or twice. I’m sure that you have what you need. If not, then you have an excuse to shop when able. Have fun!

  7. Heather says:

    I love this idea of “try outs”. So creative. Gives a whole other quality to your writing, to your story. Expressive. I can imagine how you might stand and ponder your choices, the decisions you must make. So much so, I could even imagine your clothes feeling displaced when they were put back and not chosen for the ‘team’. Clever. I hope you enjoy your trip!

  8. It’s such a fun analogy-audtioning for the trip! I usually just wish to take the entire closet full & it’s such a challenge to choose. Good luck with your choices. It does work out, you just can’t get up in the morning & say, “oh I wish I had my ___________”. Too much angst!

  9. jee young says:

    I like how you wrote that you are having “try-outs” for the clothes you will bring on your trip! I’m definitely guilty of always overpacking for trips. I hope you have a great trip.

  10. Where are you going? It’s so much easier to pack for warm trips. Sweaters take up so much more room. It’s so tough for me to make decisions as well. I pack and unpack. UGH! And I ALWAYS have too much and my luggage is always too heavy but I can only take one big one for cargo and one small one for carry on and that’s that. Whatever fits.

  11. Elsie,
    I love the photos. I am oh so familiar with the pre-packing, packing and post-packing jitters. It is a strange place where time stands still. There is only a foggy notion of an intangible, but anticipated future.

    Bon Voyage,

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