Are You as Smart as a Fourth Grader?

Fourth grade students were given the challenge to determine the type of poem on the page before them. Here is an example:

Down goes the moon

And up comes the sun,

Welcoming the

 New day.

Did you get it? If not, here’s another example:

Tiny hands

Reaching up from the

Earth, tickling an



Immediately students begin counting syllables, evidence they had studied Haiku and Cinquains. However, that didn’t seem to work. No discernible pattern emerges.  Who will  solve this mystery? A hum of working voices fill the room. Slowly, the sound fades away. Brows become furrowed as students continue to read and ponder the question, “What do these poems have in common?” A quick yelp from the front of the room, they got it! The rest panic, the buzz picks up again. The “solvers” give the rest a clue. Ahhhhhh. . . we got it . . . why didn’t we see it before?

These acrostic poems are from the book Silver Seeds by Paul Paolilli and Dan Brewer

My turn to try it:

Time away from work is

Required to

Invigorate the mind so you can

Prepare to return to daily life.

Can you tell what’s on my mind? Spring Break is coming soon! Give it a try, it is harder than it looks!