53 Years of Pets

Pets have always been a large part of my life growing up. MaryHelen’s Puppy Poetry prompted this list as I reflected on pets of the past.

Dirk: a boxer, jowls like Everett Dirksen.

Tuffy: fiesty black and white kitten, ready to do battle with Dirk.

Wrinkle: silly name for a cat, but there was a wrinkle at the end of his tail.

Mitzi: a peekapoo, she was everyone’s best friend. “Don’t you want to hold me?”

Dirk: another boxer, loveable to all except mailmen. He never learned mace hurts.

Simon: a long-haired Siamese, sooooo soft, soooooo sweet tempered, not the usual temperment of Siamese.

Daisy and Minnie: kitten sisters, who grew old together, life was difficult when there was only one.

Roscoe: a basset hound, loved to roam the woods, but too dumb to know the road was a danger zone.

Ohso:  another basset hound, oh so cute as puppy, but oh so stubborn as she grew.

Pets added a deeper dimension to my life, but now they live only in my memories. One day, I will be a pet owner again, but for now I will enjoy the pets of others.



9 thoughts on “53 Years of Pets

  1. Your slice remembered my pets. I only have had dogs and fish for pets, once sombody gave a hamster as a present for my 19th birthday, poor thing, it passed away because one windy and cold night nobody remembered to take it into the house.
    Now I’m the owner of two beautiful and loyal American Stafordshire Bull Terriers.

  2. I had a “Tuffy” for a very short time when I was a kid! He was a beagle. It wasn’t long before my parents realized he needed more space to run, so we had to give him back. I wasn’t very “tuff” that day! Your post brings back fond memories of all the pets in my past!

  3. I enjoyed your post about pets. We no longer have pets and I miss that, but I know all the responsiblity that goes with it. I still miss our last pet, a cat–my first and last cat–Fuz. I may blog him!!! Thanks for some ideas.

  4. ng says:

    What a great idea — you did a wonderful job with your pet list poem. I love your frank descriptions “he never learned mace hurts”.

  5. It’s nice to hear your words about these pets, & the love that shines behind them. Also-always fun to hear what names people name pets. I loved ‘Ohso’-very creative. I miss having pets & we have to settle for granddog visits now & then.

  6. jee young says:

    Wow, you’ve had so many pets! I was never a big pet person, until my parents got a dog a few years ago. I LOVE my dog and now I understand why people have pets. I liked how you used a list, and the descriptions give me a better understanding of what the pet was like.

  7. I couldn’t agree more that pets add something special to your life. It sounds like you have had some wonderful memories of your pets. I had to giggle at some of the descriptions…knowing a few pets that way as well. Thank you for sharing!

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