Time to Blog


Time is a valuable commodity. We often don’t have enough of it. Especially when we spring forward. (yawn) However, occasionally we find that we have time available. That is the situation I find myself in for the first two and a half weeks of March. This works out perfectly for me as I tackle the challenge of the daily slice of life writing. I have time to draft, revise, edit, redraft, revise, and finally post. I have time to read and comment on many blogs. This has become my hobby, or should I say, passion for all the days of March, so far.

Soon, this will change. Time for blogging will become a precious commodity, because. . . I will be on a boat. On a boat on the Danube River. On a boat on the Danube River for the last two weeks of March. Internet may be sketchy, but I will do my best to continue to post a slice every day (hopefully with pictures). I just don’t know if there will be as much time to allow me to continue reading and commenting on so many blogs.  Time will tell. Now I must start the packing process . . . 🙂