Dishwasher Woes

Lately, opening the dishwasher has a bit of a Russian roulette feel to it. Did the soap dispenser open and wash the dishes properly or did it remain stubbornly closed? Therefore the dishes were rinsed, extensively. This has been going on for several months. At first, I thought perhaps it is the dish soap. So, I switched from powder to tablets (even trying different brands of tablets). No, that did not solve the problem.

Each morning I dreaded opening the dishwasher door. There’s a click and a pop as the door opens and my eyes fall to the soap dispenser. I feel like I’ve won the lottery when the soap is gone. Elation! However, doom and gloom set in when the soap is still there, so now I have to run it again (leaving the soap door open).

“We need to get a new dishwasher,” says my husband. “I am tired of this monkeying around and washing dishes twice.” He immediately begins the search for the next great dishwasher via Consumer Reports. According to CR dishwashers should last eight years and ours is only six years old. I throw out the idea of getting it repaired, but that idea is quickly discarded. He wants a new one, a quiet one.

We go to the appliance store (armed with CR, of course). Bosch is rated very quiet and they have one and it is on sale! But the interior looks smaller than what we have. Will our dishes fit? Home we go to collect an assortment of  dishes. We return, I load the dishwasher. They fit! We will take it.

But wait, do we get it in white or do we switch to stainless? For resale, stainless is the best choice (according to all HGTV shows). But that will give us mismatched appliances (horrors!). So this snowball is starting to grow:  new dishwasher, new refrigerator, then new double ovens. Stop the madness! I like white. White is what we have. White goes with the decor. I am not buying appliances because someone else some day may want to buy my house. We order white.

We have a new dishwasher. It is white. It is quiet.

new dishwasher