Looking for Spring


Slowly the face of spring begins to show itself. First, it comes in the shape of sunny yellow jonquils. They have fought their way through the dead brown leaves who gathered to keep the bulbs warm through the winter.  Another sign, albeit not a welcome sign, is that buttery yellow dandelion poking its head out to say, “I’m back!”

Slowly the earth awakens. Tulip bulbs planted in the fall have now unwound their leaves sprouting in the garden patch. Soon this will be filled with color.

I am crossing my fingers that winter will not get jealous of all this attention given to spring as I continue to look for signs of spring.


12 thoughts on “Looking for Spring

  1. Lynnelle says:

    It was 75 here today! Hoping Spring really is here to stay. Beautiful point of view with the flowers uplifting their faces towards the sun. Enjoyed your slice…please hurry spring.

  2. Spring feels like such a long way off here in Chicago. Even though I know the crocuses and daffodils are not far away, I’m stuck in the dumps as I pull sweater after sweater out of my closet to warm up these cold days.

    Thank you for your reminder.

  3. Christy says:

    Your personification is just perfect for the meaning you were communicating. I love the line “slowly the earth awakens.” I was just complaining today that spring is my least favorite time of the year. Everyone says it is fresh and renewing, but to me it feels stale and sluggish. Your words made me open my heart to a bit of appreciation for the growth spring will bring.

  4. Elizabeth G. says:

    Oh how I’d love to see this in my yard. I am excited to see glimpses of the grass through the piles of snow. Enjoy your bursts of Spring!

  5. ng says:

    I enjoyed your slice — I think everyone is desperate for spring. Your description of that pesky dandelion made me smile.

    I have to echo MaryHelen’s comments. Thank you for all your comments. It is such an affirmation.

  6. Michelle says:

    Beautifully written slice! I, too, love the personification that is helping spring come to life: the face of spring, the earth awakens, hope that winter is not jealous. It is a beautiful, sunny, sky blue day here! Nearing 50 degrees. Ah, a fresh breath of spring air!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  7. Heather says:

    Spring is one of those code words that brings a wealth of sensations, emotions, and actions to the forefront of our lives. Whether we realize it or not, we look for clues on a daily basis to satisfy some thing we are searching for – spring, friendship, promotions, etc. I really like your use of “face of spring”. Personification can do wonders for writing. It makes me think of a child peeking from underneath its warm covers as a parent attempts to coax him out. The playfulness between winter and spring is endearing and terrifying – imagining that winter could actually be jealous, leading to an even longer season. I think winter and spring are in cahoots – they just like to see us squirm. 🙂

  8. MaryHelen says:

    First, I ditto the above two comments. I’m waiting for spring. “Slowly the earth awakens” show the lethargic movement of the plants. Spring seems to renew my energy to teach. Maybe that’s why I love the Slice of Life in March? It’s renewing.
    P.S. I appreciate your comments. I’m impressed with seeing your name on so many slices. I’m inspired by this writing community. Happy Friday.

  9. We are having a huge rainstorm here in Maine. It is melting the foot of snow that is left on the ground. Each day this week I have looked along my foundation for any sign of daffodils breaking ground. This morning…there they were…just a few but a sure sign of spring. There is hope. I am glad to hear you have it too.

  10. I, too, need some spring, but after the snowfall on Wednesday, it may be awhile before I see any. Although the temps are supposed to be in the 40’s next week, so that will help! I loved the way you described each flower fighting its way out of the ground…

  11. I needed this post this morning because I don’t see Spring here. I want to Elsie, but I don’t. So thanks for your spring photos and words. I am crossing my fingers with you but I think there’s more snow to come…just when we think we are home free.

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