New Words for the Dictionary

Dear Mr. Merriam or Mr. Webster,

Lately I have noticed a phenomena occurring along the roadways I have traveled these past few weeks. After viewing a multitude of dead skunks I have created some words you should consider entering in your latest dictionary.

Skunkarcass: skun/kar/cass (noun) – the remains of a skunk after it has been hit by a vehicle, there may be more than one body part strewn on or beside the road

skunkarcasses (plural)

Not even the vultures will consume the skunkarass that was lying atop the hill.

Skunkarnage: skun/kar/nij (noun) – a multitude of skunkarcass, this occurs late winter or early spring when the skunks have begun the mating season

The child spied the skunkarnage along the road as he gazed out the bus window.

P-U-roma: pee/yew/ro/ma (noun) – a strong foul odor that a skunk releases when threatened or hit by a vehicle

We closed the windows in the house when the P-U-roma wafted out of the woods.

Please feel free to reword the definitions as you see fit.