The Last Chili?

“What should we have for supper tonight?” I asked my husband.

“Chili,” he quickly responded, “It might be the last time this year.” I agreed that chili would be an approriate warming end for this day. 

I found a new recipe a while back and just have not had the chance to try it out. How does a mixture of spaghetti sauce, taco sauce, and salsa sound? Interesting combination of flavors, I thought when I discovered the recipe. It’s called Darn Good Chili. I can report that it does make a darn good chili.

Will the temperatures begin to climb? Then chili can be  returned to the file box until the next frosty day begging for a hearty warm chili. I hope so.


10 thoughts on “The Last Chili?

  1. I never thought of making that last pot of chili as a sign of spring! But it is true! That is why I like the change of seasons so much. I like the rituals of putting away the sweaters in late spring and bringing them out again in the fall. I guess it is the same with recipes. Seasonal rituals. Hmmmmmm . . . sounds like a potential slice idea. 🙂 Again, great hook. It was perfect to start your slice with dialogue.

  2. jee young says:

    I am hoping that the weather warms up here in Seoul as well. I was freezing today and wearing my thickest jacket & gloves…That chili sounds like it was delicious!!

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