What’s for dinner?

“Don’t ask her, she won’t tell you,” was often the answer to the question “What’s for dinner?”

Why won’t I tell when someone inquires? Let me list a few of  my reasons:

  1.  I don’t want to hear, “I don’t like that.”
  2.  Or “Do we have to have that?” (be sure to say it in a whining voice)
  3. Or “Can’t you make (suggested alternate choice, of which I have no ingredients for)?”
  4. No one helped me decide, I had to do it on my own.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy cooking, but I grow weary of having to figure out what the residents of the house will eat. I ask for suggestions, “What do you have a hankering for?” Rarely do I get a response. Give me something to go on, anything!

No, it is up to me (most of the time), so can you blame me when I don’t want to tell you what it is? The ingredients are all out on the counter, and usually the recipe too. So use some deductive reasoning and solve the mystery on your own. I will not spoon feed you your dinner menu.

What’s for dinner tonight? I have no idea . . .yet.