Grammar and Editing Can Be Fun?

Jeff Anderson has got it going on.

Last year I discovered Mechanically Inclined  when I listened to his podcast on the Stenhouse website. I was hooked, he made grammar concepts interesting and fun. Not two words I think of with the word grammar.

Everyday Editing came next. Now I was an official Jeff Anderson groupie. So. . . when I discovered he was going to be presenting all day in a location fairly close to my home I made it my goal to be front and center.

What a great day it was! He clarified questions one gets from trying to interpret text. Now it is up to me to take this information into schools and share these creative approaches to grammar and editing. Seeing language books with fill in the blank sentences to practice grammar are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.  (sidebar realization: with the proliferation of white boards this phrase will have no meaning to students. How sad!) What a waste of precious writing time for the students!

If you have not discovered his work I urge you to check it out. He says his target grades are 4-12, but I believe some of his ideas can be used at all grades.

Good news for fellow groupies – he is working on another book. Bad news is he is still writing it, so it will be a while until we can read it.