I have been out and about in schools for the past two weeks. Now I have a collection of bags to unpack. They are full of notes, lessons, texts, and files relating to spelling, text structure, text features, comprehension, revision, editing, and writing beyond workshop time.

Once the bags have given up their contents, I am left with a floor littered with papers searching for their home. I must tackle this challenge. Stop blogging and just do it!

Will each and every page find its home? (I hope so!)

Several hours later . . . the task is nearly finished. It goes on hold, I must drive mom to the doctor, so this will be completed at a later date.


8 thoughts on “Unpacking

  1. jee young says:

    I totally understand having a collection of bags full of stuff. As a teacher I always seem to not have enough space in 1 bag for all of my stuff. Thanks for sharing your slice even though you had to clean up your papers! 🙂

  2. My husband says…”you’ll notice they don’t say ‘bag men’…only ‘bag ladies'”…
    I must have 4 bags going at a time, all with very important “stuff” in them.

  3. Who is a teacher without her bags? Have you ever had a teacher bag that you never quite emptied? I think it is especially hard when you are going from place-to-place, school-to-school, or room-to-room. I admire you for almost getting the job done.

  4. Elsie, I feel for you. You have plenty to do. I love your site and the way you added pictures to it! Thanks for sharing. Hope it all goes well!

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