Taxing Apprehension

Ring, ring, the phone trills this morning. I wonder who would be calling because I’m really not supposed to be home (see yesterday’s post for story). I think it’s probably the automated library call saying I have a book to pick up at my local branch. But it is not the library or a friend.

The very pleasant voice identifies herself as Debbie from the accounting office of XYZ and your income tax papers are ready to be picked up. Fear starts to work its way throughout my body. My thoughts go into high gear. How big will this tax bill be? Last year we got a refund, did they discover a mistake and now we have to repay the amount? However, none of this is relayed to the  receptionist as I reply, “I will be in to pick it up.” I am afraid to ask her what the results are, do we owe or does the government owe us?

I can’t stand the suspense. The office is about a 10 minute drive from the house. I leave minutes after the phone call.

As I drive, I can feel my heart is pounding. Breathing is slow and deliberate as thoughts tumble around my head. Can I hope that once again we don’t owe any additional taxes. I am at the door, deep breath and in I go. The results . . .


Relief! I can’t wait to call my husband and share the news. Happy days in the house tonight. We will celebrate with a dish of deep, dark chocolate ice cream. I shall savor every bite and know that I have paid my taxes. No tax man is looming in the background today.

Thankfully, I did not have to get the message on the answering machine and have to wait overnight for the results. All things happen for a reason.


11 thoughts on “Taxing Apprehension

  1. jee young says:

    Hi Elsie,
    I agree that getting refunds on taxes is such good news worthy of celebration! Btw, I like the background of your website. It feels like an electronic writer’s notebook! 🙂
    –jee young

  2. Don’t you hate that tax time can do that do you!
    Thanks for making it too real! No more avoiding it. Time to start the adrenaline, bite the bullet, take the bull by the horns, tally up. And if you’re lucky, go out for ice cream!

  3. I agree, it is a relief to have the taxes done. We aren’t getting much of a refund but at least we don’t owe. I like your series of questions in your slice. It made it feel like your mind was racing. And thanks so much for the tip on the Cisneros picture book. I think I’m going to have to have it! Add it to the list. 🙂

  4. Elsie
    Tax time is daunting. It is a roller coaster ride through a threatening world of figures that nip and bite. You have captured the emotional swing of this recurring menace with your post. Well done…

  5. Elsie,
    thanks for the specific feedback on my Coffee SOL. I thought you did a nice job of describing the physical manifestations of your fear. You write about your heart rate and your breathing. Those details made the emotion real to me.

    I look forward to reading more of your slices,

  6. Yeah! A refund! I imagine that word elicits the same response for adults that “snow day” would for a 3rd grader. I can only hope that I discover the same result when I finally tackle the taxes.

    -Carrie F.

  7. This weekend I am taking care of my taxes. I am always afraid that I may forget an important paper. Oh well, I guess this weekend I will either enjoy a dish of ice cream or hide under my blankets.

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