Change of Plans

“We have a problem,” says Ms. Principal. “The contract is on hold for now. This email was sent to me on Friday after 5 and I don’t check school mail over the weekend. I will have to try to find out what this is about.”

Thoughts of confusion are tumbling through my mind. What do you mean, what’s going on here?

I am supposed to do  professional development on writing with the staff today and model writing lessons the next two days.  I had called the lit coach on Friday to confirm the arrangement for this week.

“No problem, we have approval, everything is a go. The teachers are excited about learning more about writing,” said the lit coach.

 I had been in schools working the previous week. I got home Friday evening and had to leave again Sunday afternoon. The few hours in between were spent preparing lessons to model.  I have traveled 225 miles to spend three days with this staff. This morning I had to get ready with no electricity due to severe storms during the night.   Now I am being told we have to wait.

I leave the building wondering will I be back?

I guess the bright side is I have two days back in my week. These two days are an unexpected gift of time. Now I must use that time wisely.