Sunday’s Waiting Game

Sundays are a day full of anticipation and possible disappointment . When will he call, will he call today?  For the last eight years, I am waiting . . .  waiting . . . waiting  for the phone to ring.

Eight years ago my only child, moved from the midwest to California. That is 1200 miles away from “home”. My heart ached as I watched his car drive away. The only stipulation on this move was, “You have to call me every week.” If I hear his voice I will know (or pretend) that all is well. 

In the beginning, I got the call early Sunday morning.  After completing the opening work at  Subway, he would have a few minutes to call for our weekly chat. Then I was able to move on with the rest of my day. Eventually he left Subway, that was the beginning of my Sunday waiting game. His life became more complicated and there was less time in his schedule to call mom. Thankfully, the calls continued through the college years and even after he married.

Nowadays the call usually comes in late afternoon. Sometimes it’s a text. The mode of communication may have changed, but one thing will never change. This mom still needs to hear from her son. Whenever that happens, all is right in my world.


7 thoughts on “Sunday’s Waiting Game

  1. MaryHelen says:

    I appreciate your blog. My oldest is 17 and I’m not looking forward to when he leaves home in a year. I use to call my parents weekly on Sunday as well. I’m an only child and I knew Mom couldn’t handle not hearing from me. Then, the grandkids came and we lived 12 hours away. Phone calls were more frequent when one of the kids would say, “Can I call Grandma and tell her?” How could I resist. Four years ago, my dad called and said, “Your mom is so lonely for the grandkids. Would you mind if we moved near you?” They did a few months later and now we have Sunday dinner every week and she’s at all the sporting events. Communication is so necessary and the support is priceless!!

  2. I sympathize completely. My children have outgrown the nest and we are in a funny phase of the “check-in” process. It seems that college life was stressful enough that my daughter wanted a break and called – a lot!! Now she’s married, mostly content with her life and job and I don’t hear as often. I guess I should be glad she doesn’t feel a “need” to call – but I love it when she does. My son is in and out and texting is our check in method. I’ll take any of it.

  3. Lisa says:

    I call my parents every second Sunday, and they call me on the other Sundays. I started this many years ago, when Sunday was the cheapest day to call long distance. I guess the habit has just stuck. They are always surprised to hear my voice if I call any other day!

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